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How much is Deer Hunting License in Michigan – 2024 Guide

Do you know the Michigan state is providing deer hunting license for resident and also for non-resident? There is the different license for the senior citizen. So, you should have a proper knowledge about the license in Michigan for deer hunting. Let’s check that!

How you can get Michigan license for hunting?

In every state, there are different rules to get a license. You may find some similarities between them but there have

some differences as well. Like, in Michigan, to get the hunting license you have to complete certain requirements. You have to follow some rules and thereby.

  • You have to complete the hunter education requirements provided by Michigan.
  • There are different types of license types. You have to choose from them a perfect one for yourself.
  • You have to pay fees that are common in all state.
  • The most important one is the age limit. Your age has to be more than the age limit.
Source: doi.gov

Different types of hunting license

There are different types of license in Michigan. You have to know about them. According to the resident, there are different types of deer hunting license. They are:

1. State-resident

A resident of Michigan will be counted who has the permanent home in Michigan. There are also some other types who are considered a resident of Michigan. Like the students who are full time but non-resident are considered as the resident and also the Present Military man.

Each and every resident must have the base license. The base license gives permission for hunting small animals. For bigger species, you have to take another license.

2. Non-resident

Like the Michigan resident, all non-resident must have the base license. This will also give them permission to hunt small animals. But for the bigger ones, other licenses are necessary.

3. Youth hunting license

If you have some relative whose age is between 10 to 16, then he/she must get the junior base license. But whose age is below up to 9 can go for hunting with a mentor who has a hunting license and age is up to 21.

4. Senior hunting license

For the senior citizen, up to 65 must have to get the senior base license. They have to buy this reduced fee license.

5. Military license

For the active members of the Military, the academy has to buy the resident hunt license and the Military member has to buy only when he/she is posted in Michigan. But if the Military member is posted on outside Michigan then he/she will get the license for free of cost during the vacation.

6. Veteran License

Source: wndu.com

For the veteran who is resident here can get the free license for hunting easily.

But it is a matter of sorrow that the Michigan state doesn’t provide any kind of license for the persons who have disabilities.

Michigan State provides the different license for deer hunting especially. Let’s check them-

7. Michigan single deer license

You won’t have to do license separately for archery and firearm if you apply for single deer license. This single deer license system has simply lessened the system loss. But if you once have the license for single deer you won’t be able to apply for combo or other types of license.

8. Michigan deer combo license

Whenever we hear combo, we think about a kind of package. In this deer hunting, this is also something like that. There are two harvest areas for hunting; one is regular and another one is restricted. In the archery, muzzleloader, firearm in these seasons this combo license can be used for both of the areas. And also for particularly each season you don’t need to get another license. This combo license is enough.

9. Base Michigan hunting license

In Michigan for all hunters, it is just to get the base hunting license. Without it, you won’t be able to get the other license and also the primary consent from the authority.

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How much is the cost?

Now the most important fact of the license is how much it will take. Actually, for the individual type, the cost is different.

Base license
  • Resident – ^$11.00
  • Non-resident – ^$151.00
  • Senior resident – ^$5.00
  • Junior – ^$6.00
Junior Antlerless Deer License
  • $20.00
  • Nonresident, second license – $170 each
  • $5
Deer license
  • Resident – $20
  • Nonresident – $20
  • Senior- $8
Deer combo license
  • Resident – $40 (two deer licenses: $20 regular, $20 restricted)
  • Nonresident – $190 (two deer licenses: $20 regular, $170 restricted)
  • Senior- $28 (two deer licenses: $8 regular, $20 restricted)


Therefore, all here were for the Michigan people who are interested in the deer hunting. If you want to know the full process, go to the Natural resources website of Michigan.

Whatever the type of license you want to get, the base license is must to have. So, at first, gather that and then go for others. Best of luck!

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