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How to Bow Hunt Deer from the Ground (Explained) – 2024 Guide

Many people hunt animals, especially deer in forests. Like a trend, they hunt deer up from a tree-stand.  But, nowadays people with a passion for hunting want to hunt deer from the ground like the old days. Therefore, presenting before these passionate souls some tips and tricks as of how to successfully hunt a deer from the ground. Before we get started, let’s see the gears, accessories that you need in order to be fully prepared for the hunt.

Things that you need for bow-hunting deer:

  1. Hunting Bow: If you are up for some bow-hunting, then the most basic object that you are going to need is a bow. If you want to hunt deer like our ancestors in the traditional way, then longbows will be the perfect match for you. You can also use modern bows like crossbows or compound bows.
  2. Arrows: Make sure to choose arrows that match your bow’s weight and draw length.
  3. Broad-heads: These razor-sharp blades can cut through the animal’s flesh.
  4. Other accessories: These include quivers, arrow-rests, and release-aids.
  5. Backpack: To keep all the hunting gears packed and secured while going out for the hunt.

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Now let’s get to the main point. That is the tips for bow-hunting deer from the ground.

Tips for bow-hunting deer from the ground:

Tips 1: Natural Blinds

Deer can see about five times better than us and are farsighted as well. Thus, it becomes very difficult to catch them. Still, it is possible to hunt it down without making the animal sense any danger. The first thing you have to do is to try to hide behind the bushes in a way that the deer will be unable to see you. Get some tips on bowhunting blinds

Tips 2: Notice the direction of the blowing wind

Some might ignore this point but it’s a very important fact if you do not want your deer to get away from you. That is the direction from where the wind is blowing. Whenever you are hunting deer from the ground always notice if the wind is blowing in your face or not. If the deer is upwind of you then they can never smell you. That is why always position yourself downwind from where the deer might be coming from according to you. As you will be hunting from ground level this will be a very helpful tip for you guys.

Source: outdoorcanada.ca

Tips 3: No movement at all

A deer’s peripheral vision ranges between 250-270 degrees. So, you can understand it has the ability to scan every nook and corner of its surrounding for any kinds of danger. That is why, if possible then try not to move a single inch. Lay or sit still and wait for the right moment to shoot the deer.

Tip 4: Camo up Yourself

A deer cannot see the entire color spectrum but shades of yellow and blue. This is a plus point for you hunters out there. Always make sure to have camouflage clothing as well as a face mask. Then it will be impossible for the deer to notice you thus making your hunting job easier. This camo clothing is one of the necessary accessories that you will need while hunting deer from the ground.

Tip 5: Check out the location

Source: wasparchery.com

Hunting deer from the ground may vary because of the vegetation and terrain. It will be better if you can do some homework such as the maximum number of deer that comes at a certain location. Do not only check limited acres of areas because the deer may not come at the exact place on a regular basis. Therefore, it is better to check through the location where you can hunt a deer.

Tip 6: Travel Corridors

Travel corridors are the paths that the deer take occasionally. As mentioned above, it is not always necessary that the deer will come at the exact location regularly. Similarly, their travel corridors also vary. It can be woodland surrounded by open grasslands or a grassy waterway. So, it will be better if you check the hunting grounds properly.

Tip 7: Correct timing

Last but not the least, check out for the hour at which the deer move. It may vary as well but the time of the day at which they move is almost similar. So, if you can check the time and movement of the deer thoroughly then you will not face any difficulty.


For the beginners, it can get a little difficult at first but once you go through all the tips above then you will be able to hunt deer sooner than you think.

Did I mention another thing? Do not forget to practice and improve your archery skills. Know everything about the surroundings and most of all, be patient. Happy Hunting!

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