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How to Start Deer Hunting Step by Step – 2024 Guide

Deer hunting is an interHow to start deer huntingesting and such an old past time event. Along with, it is very popular among many people. But for the beginners, it may come up as a tough to cope with. Don’t worry!

It won’t be tough anymore if you go through my article. Just read the steps and make your idea clear about deer hunting today!

How to Start Deer Hunting

1. Select your weapon

It should be your first priority to select by which you are going to hunt the deer. This is the most important factor in deer hunting. For deer hunting, you can choose the different weapon like rifle, bow, revolver etc. But it is recommended for the beginners to start with the rifle as it can give more flexibility to you than another process. Most of the hunters use the rifles. That’s why I have included some description about the rifle.

To select the rifle you have to look at first to your budget and also to your caliber to handle the rifle. Among different kinds of the rifle, caliber is the most common one and most of the hunters prefer this. Winchester, Springfield, Remington is the common calibers.

Considering the range of the rifle, the hunting process depends on when to select the caliber of the rifle. Like if you are hunting on the short range, go for the short-range caliber. Otherwise, you won’t be able to hunt the deer successfully.

You can also check our bow hunting guidelines

2. Select the territory

Source: clickondetroit.com

There are lots of places where you can do deer hunt. But you must have to be careful that state is giving them permission to hunt. Otherwise, it will be illegal for you to hunt. But if you have your own territory to hunt than I must say that you are blessed.

Now, in your chosen area you can hunt on the ground or by sitting on the tree stands. Tree stands are mainly for locating the deer perfectly from distance. You can buy the stands or can make a DIY form.

3. Get well prepared

There is a lot of preparation for the deer hunting that you can take. But you must ensure the basic preparation at least. The least you will put effort to get yourself prepared, the chance to be failed to hunt will get the increase. and don’t forgot to collect bowhunting blinds Let’s see the preparation-

4. What to wear?

You have to wear such a dress which brings comfort to you. Unless it is winter, you can wear the simple and loose dress.

Avoid blue dress

Deer are color blind to red to orange dress. But they can see clearly the blue color like we see in the sky. So, it will be wise to avoid blue dress.

Use camouflage

You must use camouflage if you are hunting in open space. Camouflage will distract their mind even after your movement.

Use boots and waterproof dress

Don’t forget to wear the waterproof dress because you may need to get drenched in the river or in the rain or by somehow else. And to avoid the mud and other spooky things you must put the boot.

5. Take proper Hunting equipment:

Proper equipment will increase your effectiveness. You should carry with yourself .

  • Binocular
  • First-aid box
  • Rangefinder
  • Flashlight
  • Knife

These things are the must to carry. Binocular will let you find the deer from a long distance. First aid box is the minimum safety issue. During shooting, the rangefinder will help to make your target exact.

6. Set your position

A whitetail buck stands in front of a doe showing off his antlers. TN.

Don’t shoot by just locating after the deer. Let the deer stand still. Then make it sure that the deer is standing perpendicular to the barrel. Because without this view, you won’t be able to shoot the deer perfectly.

Now, quickly pull off the safety trigger and shoot the deer.

7. Don’t run before the deer

After shooting the deer, you don’t need to run behind the deer. Because the deer will move here and there for the sudden shock and then become dead with just 15 to 3o minutes.

If you run to catch the deer, it will be nothing but wasting your energy. Don’t do that. Wait for some time and then catch the deer.

8. Follow the bloodline

To find out the deer after shooting, you have to go to that place where the deer was before. There you may find the sign of blood, hair or the other signs. You have to check the bloodline. Just go with that line. After some time, you will get the body easily.

That’s how you can hunt a deer.


Therefore, you know now how to start deer hunting. Just grab the following process step by step and always keep your experienced friends with you during hunting.

The most important fact is that never left the place of hunting without cleaning. It is your duty to nature.

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