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Getting Certified In RBS Training: A Step-By-Step Guide 2024

Anyone who sells or serves alcohol, and anyone who supervises workers who sell or serve alcohol, must get RBS Training. The California Alcoholic Beverage Commission created a training program called Responsible Beverage Server Training to teach liquor servers ethical alcohol-serving methods for community safety. The RBS training is only required for alcohol managers or servers and not necessary for other staff such as food staff, bouncers, and janitorial staff.

The ABC (Alcoholic Beverage Control) makes the course available through several authorized external training providers. After passing the training and test, the server’s certification is active for three years. RBS training equips alcohol servers with the knowledge and skills necessary to offer liquor beverages lawfully for consumption while minimizing any harm in the California region. A company with an ABC on Premises License must have certified personnel throughout the crew.

Step-By-Step Guide For RBS Training

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Listing here the steps for getting certified in RBS coaching:

Registration For RBS Account

Begin by creating an account on the RBS portal; then, you choose the server role. You can find everything you need for RBS Certification through the RBS Portal. You can obtain your Server ID here and retrieve your certification number post clearing the examination for alcohol server certification.

Application For Becoming A Server

Once you set up your account, it is essential to finish the RBS application.

Start Your Training Search

You will receive an RBS Server ID Number once you register and submit your application. To continue with the course, you must provide the number when prompted. After finishing your application, the portal will take you to the dashboard. From there, select your coaching provider.

Complete Your Training

Once you decide on your provider, complete the RBS training course by paying for the course.

Taking The Examination

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Return to your dashboard on the RBS training login upon completing the training to begin taking the examination. It is doable to pass the RBS exam; however, knowledge of the subject matter is vital.

With an open exam, you get accessibility to all the tools necessary to succeed. A coaching program provider can give a PDF you can download and use during the examination, ensuring a positive result. Currently, only English and Spanish are languages available for this test.

Receive The Certification Number

Upon passing the state examination, the Californian Department of ABC will provide you with a certification number. The certification number itself represents your training certificate. You can find your certification number as an alcoholic server in the RBS portal on your server dashboard in the history section at the bottom of the page.

Note that your permit is valid only for three years from the issue date. After that, you must again take the coaching and pass the examination.

Purpose Of RBS Training

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Beginning on July 1, 2022, all employees must complete Responsible Beverage Service training under California Assembly Bill 1221’s standards. The recent state law mandates that servers of liquor beverages and their management undergo a coaching program and pass an examination for RBS that has been certified by Alcoholic Beverage Control. Restaurant and bar owners risk receiving penalties if they disregard RBS training requirements.

The program seeks to aid in comprehending the client’s needs and forging new connections with them. The learners can benefit by learning how to deal with challenging circumstances at work. You must complete the course as a staff member to use it in any location that offers liquor beverages. Since consumers can only purchase and consume alcohol at a place, having an on-premises license certification is crucial for all supervisors and staff.

Duration Of The Training

The training lasts anywhere from 90 minutes to four hours, depending on the source.

Following course completion, the training provider has 24 hours to notify ABC of your completion status. It takes up to one to two hours to finish the final test, which consists of 50 multiple-choice questions.

After finishing the coaching program, you have 30 days to pass the final examination, which requires a score minimum of 70%. You get three chances to do so. It will take you to register in a new training program and shell out $3 to repeat the exam if you do not pass.

What Does The Training Program Involve?

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An alcohol server needs to know their responsibilities in their line of employment. The course program consists of 5 modules separately teaching about various aspects of serving alcoholic drinks:

  • In the 1st module, you learn about alcohol’s effects on society, including the advantages and drawbacks of alcohol use in the community.
  • The 2nd module teaches you about alcohol’s effects on the body. Topics, including the adverse impacts of liquor on the body and drunk driving, are part of this session.
  • The next module involves statutes and rules. It explains State regulations and laws governing the control of alcoholic beverages, including laws and rules governing drunk driving.
  • In the 4th module, you learn to apply interceding strategies to stop serving or selling alcohol to minors or drunk customers.
  • The final module helps you to learn management procedures encouraging the avoidance of serving or selling drinks containing alcohol to minors or drunk customers.

Throughout the program, you will learn the ability to find an equilibrium between providing outstanding customer service and making sure of selling only legal alcohol.


Stakeholders who give RBS training programs include companies and entities that provide drinks and alcohol services. As a result, staff or trainees will only sometimes have to contribute to the cost of this training program. If you plan to provide alcoholic beverages and drinks, you should prepare yourself to adhere to the new state laws.

Learn more regarding the requirements for providing liquor and the RBS certification program by visiting the official RBS portal. Operating without certification could subject you to possible legal repercussions and trouble. The training intends to assist you and your business in establishing a secure and expert atmosphere by avoiding any hazard due to alcohol to the community at large.

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