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Best Electronic Drum Set for Kids

Looking for an excellent start to your kid’s connection with percussion and music? The best junior electronic drum set will […]

Are you drawn to the sweet, melodic tones of the ukulele? This charming instrument, with its small size and gentle

Best Headphones for Electronic Drums

The electronic drum set has been quite trendy stuff, isn’t it? Just with a smart device and your fingertips, you

How to Build A Professional Recording Studio

Does music flow across your veins? Do you record for yourself or others? If any of these answers is a

How Do Noise Isolating Headphones Work?

Music and noise- both are two different forms of sounds. One is soothing and entertaining, but the other one is

How to Muffle Bass Drum

The tradition of muffling bass drum is very much popular than just cushioning your bass drum with a bundle of

Why do drummers put tape on their drumsticks

The ease of holding the drumstick is the most important thing for a drummer. Then why do drummers put tape

what headphones does deadmau5 use

A DJ and a house producer Joel Thomas Zimmerman is professionally known as Deadmau5. This Canadian composer is famous for

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