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Best Electronic Drum Set for Kids

7 Best Electronic Drum Set for Kids – In 2024

Looking for an excellent start to your kid’s connection with percussion and music?

The best junior electronic drum set will turn your dream into the realm. But getting one drum set for your little rock star is a real hard nut to crack. Especially when you’re not a drummer yourself. So, what you might do is get into hours-long research and compare 100s of models to find the best ones for the junior. But we have a better solution right for you. In today’s article, we’ve demonstrated our research on 7 of the best Junior electronic drum sets from the market of 2024. Later on, we worked our on the list and reviewed every pros and cons of them all.

What we urge you to do is, go through all the features and descriptions and see which one of these drum sets checks all the boxes of your necessity.

Quick Comparison: Best Electronic Drum Sets for Kids

Top 7 Best Electronic Drum Set for Kids Reviews:

1. Alesis DM6 Nitro Kit | Eight-Piece Compact Beginner Electronic Drum Set

Alesis DM6 Nitro Kit _ Eight-Piece Compact Beginner Electronic Drum Set

Welcome to the long-awaited #1 pick, the might Alesis DM6 Nitro Kit from the brand of Alesis.

Well, we’re in such a dilemma between a few more products to place at the top of them all, but a few customer’s reviews helped us to wipe away all the doubts of this superb kid’s drum set. Although it’s called kid’s drum set, but we think it will be a perfect beginner’s kit for anyone who’s serious about the passion.

However, here goes the features of Alesis DM6 Nitro Kit-

What it has in the box is almost close to a professional drum kit. After unboxing, you will have 8 different drum kits with a single pedal and a few control modules. Each of them has their own unique features. Such as-

The drum pads are of 8” thick rubber, the snare is dual zoned, the toms are single zoned and the kicking pad comes with basic drum pedal. Also, there are three cymbals of 12″ thickness each, and a couple of crash and hi-hats. What else could a beginner drummer ever can desire?

Moving forward, we found the virtual instrumentation and sound recording too good for the price. It can intake a USB MIDI connection and this is known great for sound recording. With this connection, you can have a full access and control over the instruments from mobile or computer.

For higher sound quality and performance, the Alesis DM6 Nitro Kit has got an upgraded ‘brain’, which makes its quality even close to professional level.

We think it’s a right kit to skyrocket your kid’s drummer mind, what do you think?

Key Features:

  • Nitro drum sound module.
  • Realistic and easy to hit rubber pads.
  • USB-midi output jack.
  • 60 built-in play-along tracks.
  • The pads are impact sensitive.
  • Easy and secure to set up.
  • Drum module software usage made easy.
  • The first step to professional level drumming.

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2. PAXCESS 9-Pad Electric Roll-up Drum Pads

PAXCESS 9-Pad Electric Roll-up Drum Pads

The product we’re about to discuss right now is one of my personal favorites as a travel freak. When I was a kid, it was like a dream for me to have a drum set that I can fold and roll and take anywhere! Fortunately, kids of these days will have it in real. Thanks to the brand Paxcess.

By the way, the name of this awesome set is PAXCESS 9-Pad Electric Roll-up Drum Pads. Let’s dive a little deep into its features-

It’d managed to have everything that you need to have in a drum kit and that’s even in such a small place! It features 9 touches for- 2 hi-hats, 3 toms, 1 snare, 1 kick, 1crash 1 ride and a couple of drum pedals. All of the touches will bring out realistic drum sounds and that’s even within such a small zone.

An excellent feature os this best kids electronic drumming set for kids is, it’s completely wireless. It has a speaker, a rechargeable lithium battery and the entire set lies on a very special Paxcess drum set pad. What this pad does is, makes it very easy to roll and carry around.

With such an amazing drum set in hands, you can unleash the inner drummer anywhere and anytime you want!

Key Features:

  • More realistic sound with upgraded drum kits.
  • 9 touch-enabled drum kits.
  • Great response rate.
  • Both speaker and microphone-friendly drum kit.
  • Runs on lithium-ion rechargeable battery.
  • Ready-to-roll and carry around.
  • Space saving, compact design with drum

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3. Winfun Kids Fun Electronic Drum Set

Winfun Kids Fun Electronic Drum Set

Another piece of the awesome drum set is from the brand Winfun. Winfun Kids Fun Electronic Drum Set is our #3 and we have plenty of reasons behind that.

In the drumset named Winfun Kids Fun Electronic Drum Set, there are 4 drum pads with a set of drumsticks and a few electric features. What we mean by electric feature is, you can have a few(6, to be precise) built-in functions and rhythms in it. And with just one press on the stop button, you can stop it from being played.

Moving forward, to let the kid listen to what he’s playing, it can get a cute red headphone. And to support both the drum set and the drummer himself, we’ve got a drum stand and a tool along with the set.

With low price range, Winfun Kids Fun Electronic Drum Set is one of our most favorite. With the visual and technical excellence, it will be loved by your little ones as well.

All in all, this Ludwig Junior Outfit Drum Set is just the kid’s version of a standard set where it has almost everything from the standard one. To let the junior rock with the drum set on his own.

Key Features:

  • 4 drum pads with functional controls.
  • 6 built-in rhythms.
  • Built-in drum song comes it.
  • Plug to insert mp3 player or headphone.
  • Stable and sturdy drum stand.
  • Sitting tool.
  • Low price range.

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4. Best Choice Products Kid’s Electronic Toy Drum Set

Best Choice Products Kid’s Electronic Toy Drum Set

Best Choice Products had already been a popular brand for producing quality baby toys. And no wonder that when it comes to such a popular toy like drums, they would contribute to a cool model.

On that note, presenting Best Choice Products Kids Drum Set, a cheap, colorful and kid-friendly drum set. It will give your kid the thrill of figuring out what a real drummer looks like, and with the variety of sounds and drum pads, surely the inner drummer will be brought out.

This little set contains a bass drum, a couple of snare drum(right and left), a cymbal and a microphone.

To make the thrill, even more, there are 5 built-in music buttons in it. Each of them will start playing music tracks just with a press of the button. Also, there are 4 different light-up buttons that would modify the sound that the drum will make.

Moving forward, this electronic drum set runs on rechargeable batteries(3 AA) and the charge of the batteries are claimed to be long.

We think it would be perfect toy drum set for any kids over 3 years of age.

Key Features:

  • Best for kids of 3+ years age.
  • Bass, left & right snares and a cymbal.
  • 3 drums, 2 mallets and a seat for the kid.
  • Volume can be controlled manually.
  • Runs on 3 AA batteries.
  • An easy-to-carry drum with lightweight.
  • Very friendly to mid and lower mid budgets.

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5. Roland TD-1K Entry-level Electronic V-Drum Set

Roland TD-1K Entry-level Electronic V-Drum Set

At this point of the review, we’ve got a comparatively newer product on the market, the Roland TD1KV V-Drum Compact Electronic Drum Kit. It’s a set made of plastic, rubber, and metal allow. And in together, it builds a strong and sturdy kid’s drum set that would be great for practicing or stepping forward to professional drumming.

The best thing about this set is the percussion sound module, which makes every bit of its sound almost close to an actual one. Also, there are a good collection of items such as 3 toms, 1 snare, 1 crash cymbal, 1 hi-hat, 1 ride, 1 kick pedal and one hi-hat pedal.

As it seems to be almost as a real drum, the price is way more than what you would expect from a kid’s drum set. We think that’s the hard part to deal with.

Key Features:

  • 15 built-in drum kits.
  • TD-1 percussion sound module.
  • Made of strong plastic, rubber and metal; alloy.
  • Silent kicks and meshed snare.
  • String and durable mechanical structure.
  • A semi-professional grade set.

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6. PAXCESS Electronic Drum Set

PAXCESS Electronic Drum Set

What would be the best gift for a kid who loves to pretend himself as a musician? Nothing better than PAXCESS Electronic Drum Set, our #5 pick of the list, and one of the smallest electric drum sets for kids.

You might have raised an eyebrow already because we’ve just talked about a similar product from the same brand. But have a closer look at the features below, you’ll see the differences clearly. This one that we’re talking about, is a slightly better version than the earlier one.

Among these two products, there are pretty much similarities, and we don’t think repeating those over again is a good idea. Instead, let’s have a look at the unique features of this best kids electronic drum set review-

The most ironic thing is, it’s a mobile drum set and runs on very powerful batteries. Being powered by a 2400mAh rechargeable battery, it will run continuously for 10+ hours. A built-in headphone jack will let you switch from speaker mode to silent mode and you can still feel the rhythms to the fullest.

And for a few more additional features, the price had been raised a bit. And we think that’s the only drawback we could find with this product.

Key Features:

  • 9 drum pads with speaker, drumsticks, and accessories.
  • 10+ hours battery lifetime.
  • Built-in dual speaker.
  • USB midi out jack provided.
  • 2400 mAh rechargeable battery.

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7. Alesis Nitro Kit Electronic Drum Set

Alesis Nitro Kit Electronic Drum Set

If you haven’t found the right size of your kid’s next drum set yet, we’ve got something that can bring a smile on your face. It’s called the Alesis Nitro Kit Electronic Drum Set and it contains a whole lot of features to talk about.

First of all, the most standing out feature is the size of snare and toms that it has. Both being of a dimension of 8”, the kid will have ample space to move it’s wrist(that professionals do). Also, the structure of the snare is strong enough to withstand even years of rough and tough use.

The aluminum racks make it stand strong and support even the lengthiest drumming practices. And another good news is, it’s very affordable compared to other semi-professional grade drum sets.

Key Features:

  • Comfortable and spacious pads.
  • Very quick response rate.
  • 3. Largely sized drum pads.
  • Aluminum made stands for strong support.
  • Mid-ranged price.
  • Doesn’t seem to be very easy to use for kids below 12 years.

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Best Kids Electronic Drum Set Buying Guide

As you have browsed through every detail about the set of this list, now it’s time to decide which one would fit right in your requirements. Of course, there are variations of price, and with price, the quality and functionality will vary a lot. See what our expert had recalled these facts-

The Structure

When we say ‘the structure of a kids drum set’, we mean how many drum kits and controllers are there in the set. Some are of even 15 kits and some are as simple as 3 drum kits only. Based on how much skillful you want your kid to be, chose the preferred structure.

The Sound Performance

In some sets, there are built-in speakers, and in rest of the list, there are at least a slot for headphones. If you move forward, some sets contain a few built-in music and beats that would make the learning process even faster.

How Strong Is the Structure?

Of course, you don’t want the set last for one season only, right? If positive, then chose the best possible structure of the set. Because if the kid falls in love with the set, he will play it for all day long. And nothing than a string Aluminum structure can be better in that sense.

The Price-quality Ratio

As a parent, this should be one of the most important concern that how much will the set cost? Well, in this list, we’ve seen products that cost below 40 bucks, and some products that cross even the bar of 500. So, based on the functionality and kit quality this is what matters the most.
We would suggest you have a look at the desired level of professional you want your kid to have. If it’s just for recreational purposes, then a cheap one is okay. But if your boy is heading to professional grade music performance, then you should choose that costs more. And of course, with more money invested, you’ll have a better performing set eventually.


We’ve finally reached the bottom of the article. Throughout the article, our and only intention was to highlight on the unique feature sets of each of these products. And we think that already helped you to make your final buying decision for the best kids electronic drum set. One last buying advice is to focus on your kid’s age, as the expected features vary a lot based on this value.

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