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5 Tips for Buying Your First Airsoft Equipment

Airsoft is a weapon game, where the teams need to play against each other, and they use air guns to shot the opposite mates. No real weapons are used, but handling these ones must be done with a lot of care and attention. They use pellets instead of bullets, that won’t hurt the players, but still can leave a small bruise or mark on the skin, that will heal in a few days. No matter if you want to play that professionally, you are an instructor, or you and your mates just want to have fun, you have to check places like softair.blog, so you can see what do you need to play this shooting game.

When you choose the weapon, you have to know it’s not a real one, that is used in the military. But, it’s a nice replica that has similar features as the original piece. You need to choose the right one for you, so you can be sure you won’t do any mistakes during the process. So, if you need some help, we are here to come up with a few tips that will be useful for you, like:

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  1. Know your role in the game

Every player has a role in the game. It’s a matter of deal between you and the other players. You need to know this one as you create the strategy at the beginning. You can be a rifleman, marksman, leader, supporter, or sidekick. There is an appropriate gun that is assigned to every one of these roles. The rifleman should hit from a bigger distance, so they should choose the weapon according to that. Marksman shots from a smaller distance, and they need to use a different weapon for that. The roles are similar to the military ranks, so at this point, you need to research things deeper and find the role you prefer, and of course, the gear that is compatible with it. If you aren’t sure, then you can decide after a few games.

  1. It’s not just the weapon that makes the difference

Guns are essential in this game, but you need to take care of the clothes and footwear too. Surely you will need protective gloves, so you can prevent mosquito bites, cuts, and wounds. Some people don’t like gloves, because they think they don’t react properly while wearing them, but they are a crucial part when you play in nature. The uniform is similar to the military. Protect your eyes with goggles, and wear a face mask so you won’t swallow any dust and dirt during the game. The mask should be made of quality neoprene because it absorbs the sweat and dries up quickly, so you can breathe easily. The footwear is also important in this, since you will need to run through water, mud, and rocks, and you must protect your feet. Radio communication is also crucial with your team. Don’t forget to wear a hat or helmet, and knee pads too. These are the essentials of the airsoft. As you gain more experience, you will see what additional gear you may need.

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  1. Make the decision by yourself

Or include the team in it. Experienced players will give the best suggestions since they probably tried a lot of them. Their advice is more than needed, but the decision is yours. Don’t choose the gear according to them, especially if you don’t find it comfortable and attractive. You can start with lightweight equipment, and as time goes by, you can improve it. Also, the price is important. As you know, expensive doesn’t necessarily mean high-quality. But, you have to look for the best deals and find the right one for you that fits your preferences, and more importantly, your budget.

  1. The quality of the weapons

One of the most important questions you have to ask is how accurate the gun is. Surely, that will help you hit and be precise, making you a good player. Most of the weapons come with an adjustable focus, so the hitman can improve the accuracy. Some replicas can be poorly made, but still useful at the earliest stage of your strategy and playing. After that, if you like the game, you can proceed to more quality pieces. Everything has an expiration date, and the weapon replicas are not an exception. During the game, you will use it, it will drop, or bump against the surfaces. Don’t expect that the first gun you buy will last forever. It’s the same about the boots since they will meet different weather conditions. The clothes can easily tear up when you run. It will all get damaged at some point, so it’s better not to spend all the money you have on it, and plan things smartly and carefully.

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  1. Is it easy to fix if damaged and are there upgrades available?

Most of the stores provide maintenance services in case something goes wrong. Keep in mind that most of the damages can easily be fixed. Also, if upgrades are available, you can always come back to get a better version of the gear you already have. When you buy the equipment for the first time, we highly recommend avoiding investing in add-ons and accessories, because you don’t really know what do you exactly need. You will have a nicer and clearer image for that after a few games. By doing that, you don’t risk spending money on things you won’t ever use. You need to wait with the extra gear, because you may end up not using any of it.

Use these tips when you go shopping for airsoft gear for the first time. Keep in mind that expensive equipment and advanced guns won’t make you a good player instantly. You need to practice it a lot, and as you gain more experience through the game, you will be able to be the best among your friends. Plan the gear shopping smartly, so you can manage the expenses better.

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