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9 Tips and Rules Every Airsoft Beginner Needs To Know

Airsoft and paintball have long been one of the favorite ways for a group of friends to spend time together or for co-workers to come to team building. Although very similar, these two terms differ in several ways. Airsoft is a popular combat simulation game in which participants are eliminated when they are hit by pellets thrown from a cannon reminiscent of a real firearm. In paintball, participants try to hit each other with paintballs launched from a special paintball marker/gun.

If you are a beginner in airsoft, there are a few things you should know.

1. You need a weapon

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If you don’t have a replica of a rifle – there’s no airsoft either! If you are wondering how and where to buy weapons for this recreation, don’t worry. There are a lot of those who sell equipment, and it’s up to you to decide if you want a new one or a used one.

There are also different models. However, if you are unsure of the choice, ask a salesperson or acquaintance who has more experience. They know what problems they have encountered. You can click here to find more about weapons.

2. The weapon is charged via a battery

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Battery capacity is expressed in milliamperes and each rifle is rechargeable. On average, a battery can withstand about 2,000 cracked bullets, and slightly less in colder weather.

3. Equipment is necessary

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If you want airsoft to be an unforgettable and painless adventure, protective equipment is essential. This includes additional ammunition, goggles for safety at work, a combat vest, a backpack, as well as a uniform. In addition, you will need gloves, although not necessary but they will still protect you from scratches and injuries.

Since we mentioned that the backpack is a mandatory part of the equipment, in addition to spare ammunition, you will be able to put a bottle of water in it, which will surely be useful to you. Those slightly more serious airsoft players take hydration equipment that attaches to a backpack or vest. The hose is close to your shoulder, so it is very convenient for consumption.

The rifle bag is also a very useful piece of equipment, as it will protect it from rain and snow. In addition, if you walked through the city with this remark, you would cause unrest among the people and the police would probably intervene! Hats and helmets are not completely necessary but are a good option. Using a helmet is quite smart because it is not comfortable when you are shot in the head or when you slip through the bushes.

4. Bullet speed

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Rifles differ in the type and quality of workmanship, but also in the percentage of allowed deviation and bullet speed. Therefore, inquire about this at the place where you plan to “go to war” with the company.

5. The game consists of players

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As ingenious as the scenario of the match is, the players themselves and their behavior play a crucial role in the success of the match and the game. Therefore, acknowledge when you are affected, follow the orders of the team of leaders and organizers, follow the rules and participate in creating positive energy before, during, and after the meeting/training.

Like any sport, Airsoft has its own rules without which it cannot function. Before playing Airsoft, study the rules carefully because without them you will only be a nuisance to other players on the field.

6. Do I have to buy all the necessary equipment right away?

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Of course not. You can also rent the equipment, and it also doesn’t have to be professional. You can use your father’s military uniform or goggles for safety at work. In principle, there is no special equipment, although war is preferred. Sometimes teams want to have a personalized one, which is also acceptable.

7. Which terrain is recommended for airsoft?

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There are no regulations that talk about the type of terrain, but wooded and hilly areas are considered more interesting to play. The more places to hide and camouflage – the better! As for the weather, you can even play in the rain and snow, depending on what kind of scenario is designed. This is actually something that takes the game to the next level.

8. What are the types of fights?

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There are two basic divisions by type of combat: “Mil-sim” (Military Simulation) and Capture the Flag. Mil-slim means a combination of airsoft and military training or situation, so in this game, in addition to soldiers, you will also have snipers, reconnaissance units, doctors, and so on. This type of game is considered to be quite demanding and exhausting, and players are expected to be physically fit. A key element in MilSim game types is the use of low-capacity tanks.

Capture the Flag involves taking some pieces of equipment, for example a briefcase. Flags are placed near the bases, and the idea is for the opposing type to reach it. One flag is also placed in the middle of the battlefield, and it is up to the teams to win it.

9. Are there any special rules of the game?

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The rules exist, although not all of them are specified. One of the obligatory ones is to report when you are hit and not to take off your glasses until all the players are together and it is clear to everyone that the game is over because, in the hands of frivolous people, airsoft can be very dangerous.

Final thoughts

This game of trust is the perfect way to connect with your friends or work colleagues and if you follow the basic rules, we are sure that you will have an unforgettable time and that airsoft as a recreation will become an integral part of your life.

Virtually anyone can enjoy airsoft. It doesn’t matter age or gender, as long as participants follow security protocols and approach the game with a positive attitude.

Airsoft falls into the category of “war simulations” where individuals emulate military scenarios and police actions with replicas of real weapons. Keep in mind that airsoft is in addition to being a fun and physically demanding sport.

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