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Can You Save Big By Buying Used Car Parts At a Junkyard

Buying a car is a huge investment, and the expenses don’t end when you pay for it, no matter if you choose to buy a new or used vehicle. The regular maintenance will assure it’s always working properly, preventing issues and damages that can lead to an accident, and end up with something we don’t even want to think about.

The maintenance can be pretty expensive, knowing that some of the parts wear out as time goes by, and they should be replaced regularly. Even when you buy a cheap car, the parts can still be expensive too. So, you can also consider buying used parts, to save some money for those pieces that must be new, to prevent car accidents and other issues.

Keep in mind that some parts come from crashed cars or old ones that still work nice, but no one wants to buy them. The mechanicals dissolves these vehicles into junk, and save and prevent the healthy components, so they can sell them for a more affordable price to those who need them. The legal shops that do this usually have sites and e-shops like Usedpart.us where you can “hunt” for the piece you need. These places are called junkyards because they receive cars as junk but still manage to explore them and find the healthy parts, to help those who can’t afford them.

The hunt for a used part that is suitable for your vehicle sometimes can be pretty challenging, because even if you have the same brand, it may not fit nicely, and won’t resolve the problem you have. Saving money on parts and accessories isn’t something new. Some people even find new doors and windows at these markets. Don’t close your options, because you can save some money, that you will need for the other parts that should be replaced with new ones.

If you have a car with a functional engine, but some other things are wrong, you can sell it to a junkyard and even earn from that “junk” you kept for years. Probably some person around is looking for replacement parts, and sometimes the engine is compatible with more than one vehicle. Even the scrapped parts can bring you some money.

If you have something like that, you can remove the valuable parts by yourself, with help from experienced mechanical, and transport them to the junkyard. Another valuable part is the transmission system, which you can consider selling from your old vehicle, or buying it as a used part, depending on what you need.

Are these junkyard components good?

Source: cashcarsbuyer.com

If they are sold at the junkyard, they are generally checked and repaired if needed. In the movies, junkyards are scary and creepy places, with a few bodies hidden in some cars. But, don’t let the movies mess with your decisions. A lot of parts can be bought at junkyards, and you will pay less for them, and still get functional components, and fix all the issues your vehicle has at the moment.

In order to find the right one, you must have the right model and series number, to provide to the seller, and both of you find the compatible part. Knowing that it’s not easy for the clients to call and visit every place around, most of them are providing the information on their websites or social media profiles, so the “hunt” can be easier for both sides.

Most of the known junkyards always keep a record of what they have, and erase the product from the database if it’s sold, or somehow damaged during the scrapping process. Even though there is the word “junk” in their name, they work as pretty established companies, with a whole team who is controlling the sales, and stocks, so they can provide the best possible service to the clients.

A lot of people avoid junkyards because they think they won’t find anything there to improve the overall performance of their vehicle, and they are more likely to buy new parts for their cars, and we can’t judge them for that. Some people have a really bad experience with using old parts, and that’s why you have to be careful when looking for the best service for you.

Can you really save money on it?

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Every good has some value at the moment it’s purchased as new. The value drops at the first moment it’s used, sometimes by half. As the times go by, no matter how good you take care of it, its market price can drop to 70% less than you bought it. That means, if you bought it for $100, after some period of use its price drops to $30, even though it’s completely fine.

The junkyard will clean that part and repair it if needed, and the new buyer can get it for $50, which is half of the original price, but still affordable to them because they save another $50 for some other part they need. As you can see, there is a great chance for you to really save money, and get the same functionality, because some parts won’t ever tear or worn up. Junkyards are a great place for that, and many cars you see during the day already have some used parts inside.


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Saving money in these difficult and hard times is our priority, and it’s pretty understandable that we can’t really afford to buy everything new. Cars are a huge expense for one household because you need to tank fuel regularly, but still, maintain its condition, so it can last longer.

Buying old things as a replacement for damaged ones is not something that is unusual. People are trying to save money on everything, and it’s always better to do that knowing there is no risk of prolonged issues. It’s not just the used car parts – many other things can be bought used, even the whole car, in order to save money.

You must be very smart when planning your expenses, and we hope this article will help you solve the potential thoughts you may have on buying used parts.

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