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4 Best Long Distance Relationship Gifts That Will Bring You Closer Together

There is no need to sugarcoat it or say it is not so. We should not pretend like it is not true. Long distance relationships suck. They are awful not in terms of not being worthy of your time or effort but in a way that missing somebody special and not being able to see them and hold them at the of the day often feels brutal. The distance is exactly the thing that is not supposed to be a factor in a healthy, passionate relationship in which the two partners feel at ease, at peace, and are in their best spirits when they are physically together.

Sadly though, we hardly live in a perfect world which means that we often have to do and deal with things that we do not like. In terms of relationships, millions of people have to go through it and millions more are going through it right now. For them, the chance to talk to their boyfriends, girlfriends, or spouses comes in the form of chatting and video calls and not much else. Sending photos and videos and long messages they will read hours later due to time zone difference are much more important.

In such a relationship, or at least until this hard period is over and you can once again hold your partner tight, giving gifts is much harder as well. Whatever you plan you need to think about more and come up with delivery and packaging solutions. Worst of all, many gifts you would get them in normal circumstances are not really convenient for long distance relationships. In order to help our dear readers who are having troubles with finding the right gift, we decided to assemble a list of the best long distance relationship gifts that will bring you closer together.

1. Lingerie

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Since you cannot be together, the next best thing is snapping pictures and recording videos of yourselves and sending them to each other. To do that properly and to cover all the bases, as well as to keep the flame going and be as horny for each other as possible, you have to include sexy content. They do not have to be nudes, as it is often more effective to tease each other with almost naked content.

Therefore, get your girlfriend some lingerie and she will love it. She will probably immediately get what you are trying to do and you will receive weekly NSFW pictures of your partner. Keeping things fresh and spicy comes in numerous ways and sending snaps like this is among the best ways of doing so. To browse through an amazing offer and order something for you and your partner, make sure to check out Lovify.

2. Adult Gifts and Toys

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If you think about it, one of the worst things about long distance is the fact you cannot be intimate with each other. The urges we have and the passion and the hornyness we have for the people we love and find attractive can be rather troublesome and difficult to deal with. In such a scenario, a video call cannot cut it even if you have scheduled phone or video call sex.

To increase the experience and make things more engaging and exciting, you can gift each other with some adult toys that will help you imagine the real intimacy you crave and help you feel more pleasure and excitement. Sex toys for men and women are equally popular and available nowadays. Using them during your video calls is the next best thing for those who are unable to experience real intimacy due to great geographical distance.

3. Long Distance Gadgets

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Manufacturers and gift makers know full well how big the problem of long distance relationships is in modern society. This is why numerous companies have come up with neat gadgets and accessories that help you feel your partner no matter the distance through the use of technology. Touch lamps, heartbeat rings, and pillows that signal when your partner is sleeping are just some of the options here. Through the mix of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, these useful gadgets will make you feel closer to each other because they will at least give you some sense of your partner and make you feel like they are physically closer to you.

Being able to know that you are sleeping and waking up at similar times with such a pillow or giving them a signal through the lamp that you are thinking of them helps a lot, even if it seems like nonsense at first. The heartbeat rings mentioned above are pricey since they are usually real jewelry made of gold, but for a great cause such an investment makes sense.

4. Scheduled Flower, Wine, or Other Packages

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To make sure there is always something to remind your partner of you and how much you care, you can make a deal with an online store or a real-life shop in your town that does deliveries and send them a small package each week. This will not break the bank too much and even if it does, it is for the best kind of cause there is, staying in touch with the most important person in your life. Have flowers sent to your girlfriend every Monday.

Get your boyfriend some craft beer from local breweries each Saturday. You can do this thing with any sort of gift no matter what you like and how weird it may be. The merchants and services will be more than happy to help you because they will get a regular customer who will come back at least once a week to buy from them, so all three sides win. This is a nice act of caring and something many people do anyway regardless of the long distance or not. The key part is showing that you care and doing it constantly.


As we stated in the introduction, long distance relationships suck. Most people fear having to go through one of these in the modern world due to the changes in education and career paths, frequent sabbaticals and prolonged work trips, and whatever else. There are however ways of making them better or at least more bearable, and most of these ways come in the form of gifts. Therefore, if you are experiencing this right now and do not know how to get through it, pick something form the list and give it a shot!

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