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How Long Should Your College Essay Be?

When it comes time to continue studying in college, we need to know that ambition alone and success in school are no guarantee that we will be accepted. Our good grades, effort and engagement in previous schooling are important references, but not crucial. We can also write an excellent CV, brag about our school profile (with all teaching and extracurricular activities), we can also have letters of recommendation, but one of the most important items is an essay that we must enclose.

An essay is a document that we design and write ourselves and present to the committee, not as a student, but as a person. Here we emphasize our interests, we talk about the values ​​we represent, various examples, in fact, we describe our personality, character and our psychological profile. The essay will also show our ability to work in a team, then our flexibility, openness to new ideas and programs. The candidate for enrollment should check the specifics of the requirements of the college he is interested in, so as not to be uninformed.

And with that, he positions himself badly, in the beginning. So, a good essay can bring you success and rank you in a better place, compared to other candidates. That is why it should be approached seriously and carefully. There are also some propositions and tips for writing essays, which have proven to be effective, in practice.

The essay should not be too long

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It is natural and normal that we would like to say as much good information about ourselves as possible and thus fulfill our wish to be admitted to college. We will certainly spend a lot of time thinking about what exactly to write about, what the commission would be particularly interested in us, what to emphasize, and what to just mention. We will consult with teachers, parents, friends, those who have already been accepted, we will research on the Internet, etc. We must know that the optimal number of words is around 500.

Some colleges have pre-formed questions to answer, with about 300 words. It means that no one has the time or the need to read someone’s 800-word essay. Be sure to turn on the word counter and keep track of how much you have written. Everything you have to say about yourself, think well and summarize. Sometimes more can mean less and too long an essay won’t get you anywhere.

Nor too short

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Just as an essay that is too long will not be useful, too short an essay cannot produce good results. The minimum is about 250 words, where you could describe yourself as briefly as possible.

It is not advisable to leave the impression of someone who has no attitudes, interests, poor word skills and is not able to define himself. If you think you won’t be able to right good essay, better turn to someone who can help you. At www.homeworkhelpglobal.com you can find out more about how to get plagiarism-free, reliable essay.

Pay attention to grammar

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With all the rules about respecting the form of an essay, what is absolutely unacceptable is that you do not know grammar and spelling. It is assumed that you have mastered this in the previous years of schooling and that you go to college with well-established knowledge in these areas. Proper expression, accurately written, and if you still have literary talent will characterize you as a good student in the eyes of those who decide on your admission.


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Surely you yourself have repeatedly given up reading something or watching a movie, because the introduction was boring and protracted. Keep that in mind and start talking about yourself with something fun, interesting, you can with an anecdote from your life, but still respect the limits and good taste.

Put yourself in the position of the one who reads and evaluates you, try to attract and interest him in the beginning, so that he continues to find out with curiosity what you have to say about yourself.

Paragraph length

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Like the whole text you are going to write, the paragraphs should not be too long. Make them 3-5, make them concise and don’t overdo it with unimportant details. You can include some dialogue, it contributes to the vividness and beauty of the description, but also make sure that there are no insignificant little things and uninteresting quotes.

Writing style

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The style of your writing depends on your talent to express yourself, on eloquence and is very important. Change the length of the sentences. Do not allow everything to be telegraphically short, to act factually and unimaginatively. Also, don’t make your essay look like novels with too long sentences.

Combine both, the best you know and try to keep the attention of the reader written. Avoid confessions and unpleasant events, because it is still a college application, not a conversation with a psychotherapist. Avoid repeating terms and sentences and be sure to stick to literary expressions, avoid slang, it is not desirable in this situation.


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The most important thing is to know what you want to say about yourself. Think about the things that best characterize and describe you. You do not need to write about school success and grades, it will already be seen from your school profile.

Highlight your interests, hobbies, sports affinities, engagements in the community where you live and so on. Mention your social integration, friendly relations, and curiosity and willingness to learn and try yourself in completely new areas.

Closing remarks

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Your essay should be easy to read, not exhausting and incomprehensible. Like the introduction, the concluding paragraph must be interesting and effective. You can end the whole description of yourself with a significant thought, which can be yours, and can be quoted.

Be original, unusual, you can be funny. That is what will remain in the memory of the commission that evaluates you. Show that you are a new force in college, bringing fresh thoughts and ideas and that you will not repent if you are accepted.


A well-designed and written essay will surely be your great asset. With good grades, self-confidence and an optimistic attitude, the probability that you will become the college student you want is high. When the joy and celebration of successful enrollment is over, be diligent and persistent, learn constantly, because your goal is to continue your education and personal development and progress. Justify the trust placed in you by those who put you on the inbox and prove that your essay is not just personal marketing but the real truth about your personality.

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