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How to Muffle Bass Drum

How to Muffle Bass Drum [Complete Guide]

The tradition of muffling bass drum is very much popular than just cushioning your bass drum with a bundle of pillows.

Being unable to put on the perfect quantity of muffling to any bass drum to receive the best sound quality from it is a tough process that all bass drummers must know.

Most of the drummer thinks that mute drum with muffling is a technique to minimize the sound of your drum. Drum muffling can maintain the quantity of vibration on your bass drum, as well as maintain the resonance of particular notes. Here are some tips on how to make your bass drum sound perfect with awesome muffling.

Muffling Bass Drum

Every drummer muffles his very first drum is the bass drum. It is a popular habit as the bass drum normally bears a number of overtones and vibrations.

Bass drum muffling is popular as it controls the number of airflow in any bass drum. This refers to the number of sustain and frequency in any bass drum by changing the feel of the tune. As this tune is meant to sound fast and powerful, most of the drummers put something into the bass drum to reduce the sound.

With the proper amount of bass muffling, you can get the proper sound of your bass drum. It is an easy process to work which is very much personal. You are the only person that can decide which type of sound you want to get from your bass drum. There are some ways to muffle your bass drum.

But you have to careful as there is an incorrect way of muffling your bass drum; so, before you go mad with your pillow and blanket, read out this first!

  • At first, if you have enough cash, you might give thought to buying a particular bass drum to muffle. You can buy from 20 to 40 dollars. There are some types of pads or different rings that you can buy for your bass drum that help to maintain the thump of your bass drum. So, you should go out to a music store and search if you might get one that meets your budget.
  • There is a great product which is known as Evans EQ Pads that is a good muffling bass drum product. There are some other muffling products such as a ring that perfectly fits the batter head of the drum to dampen the sound. All of these are better choices if you have enough money to spend.
  • If you don’t have enough money you can skip the 1st case and there is another option for you that can give you similar outputs. You should remember that when you want to muffle your bass drum the main point is controlling the airflow.
  • If you fill-up the entire drum with a blanket and pillow, you will completely block the airflow. Then the bass drum will ultimately sound bad. And this is not what you want. So, the technique is to put a few numbers of muffling in your bass drum.
  • Try to place one blanket or pillow on the bottom of the bass drum. In this process, you get little bit of control over the flow of the air and you will also get more control of the resonance on the bass drum without blocking the sound.
  • If you don’t get a proper sound, try to move the pillow around your bass drum. Try to keep the bass drum without touching the batter’s head.

Muffling your other types of Drums

  • If you have other types of drums you can also muffle them. If you have toms and snare drums, you shouldn’t put anything like your bass drum.
  • First of all, toms and snare drums are a little more different than a bass drum, so if you place a pillow in that it will consequently destroy your sound.
  • The best technique to muffle your drum using drum rings. These are made in plastic which can perfectly sit on your drum skin. In this way, you can muffle your drums.

Final words

These are all awesome techniques to muffle your bass drum. Always remember that all drums should not be muffled, so don’t try to mute all your drums. You should hear the tones of your drums and decide whether you need to muffle your drum or not. Hope this information can help to have a perfect drumming session.

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