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Why do drummers put tape on their drumsticks

Why Do Drummers Put Tape on Their Drumsticks

The ease of holding the drumstick is the most important thing for a drummer. Then why do drummers put tape on their drumsticks? The answer or the opinion is obviously not the same for everyone.

However, many drummers put tape on their drumsticks and the numbers are getting high every day. There have to some legitimate reasons for that.

The content focuses on the possible reasons for choosing it as a better option for the drummers. Of course, the choice is always up to the drummer whether to use it or not. But before that knowing the possibilities and advantages before making any sort of decision is always a wise choice. So let’s get started!

Reasons behind putting tape on the drumsticks:

There are obviously some distinct reasons behind putting tape on the drumsticks. Many may find the reasons very appropriate and also try themselves as well. Some of the major reasons are pointed out here,

1. Tone controlling

Have you ever felt that the low frequencies coming from your drums are becoming quite irritating? Well, in that case, the taping can control the tone and the pitches for you.

2. Optimum ringing

The beauty of the melody lies at the optimum level of ringing. The tape does quite a fine job cutting or reducing the excess amount of volume and ringing precisely.

3. Increasing durability

Evenly tapped drumsticks are highly durable to work with. Of course, the tapping has to be precise for that.

4. Strong grip

The taping process highly increases the grip of the stick. Of course, many drummers find the grip of the snare stick better. Thus a lot of drummers put tape on the stick by leaving some certain parts untapped.

5. Protection from external damages

Drummers often put tapes on their damaged or uneven part of their drumsticks. The taping plays an important role in protecting the stick from any kind of external damage. It’s like a shield for the stick.

6. Increasing utility

Taping around the stick increases its efficiency a lot in so many ways that utility definitely goes upwards making it more attractive.

7. Weight balancing

As the whole sick is covered in tape, the weight of the stick is also increased respectively. Because of that, the balancing turns out to be quite different from before which beginners may find easier.

8. Increasing lifespan

By minimizing the damages and also working as a shield, the tape increases the lifespan of the drumstick.

9. Trendy look

You can always watch high school bands putting colorful or stylish tapes on their drumsticks. It has turned quite trendy nowadays and many drummers do that just because of this trend.


The content showed the best possible reasons why do drummers put tape on their drumsticks. By looking at the overall analysis, one can easily get the point of why this process is getting so much popular. Of course, as a drummer, it is his free will to decide what technique he should choose.

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