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What to Wear Deer Hunting – 2024 Guide

What should you wear during deer hunting? Deer hunting doesn’t conclude just by handling a rifle and make the target down. There are other parameters that will let you do hunting with success. One of them is what you wear during hunting.

Without your comfort zone, you can’t put your best into hunting. So, let’s have a look at what types of clothes you should choose for deer hunting.

9 Things to Consider about Clothes while Deer Hunting

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1. Maintain Clothes according to weather

It is so important to follow the weather to choose the right cloth when going hunting. If it is the summer, you should not apply heavy clothes. Comfort is the ultimate thing to focus on the target.

And in the winter season, it won’t be wise to choose light clothes. Because that won’t rescue you from the chilly cold.

2. Water-resistant cloth is the must

In hunting, you may go through many wet places includes rivers, canals, etc. For that, you have to wear clothes that are resistant to water. The standard way to hunt is to wear water-resistant cloth. Most of the hunters agree with this.

3. Avoid cotton shirt and jeans

Yeah, we agree with you that cotton shirts and jeans are so much comfortable and easy to wear. But there are many reasons for these. Let’s see them.

  • Cotton cloths need a lot of time to get dry.
  • These clothes are usually heavier.
  • Deer can see the blue color clearly.
  • Cotton cloths hooked up easily.
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4. Get the orange blaze

Orange blaze decreases the rate of accident-related to the rifle. It is our suggestion that you should always wear an orange blaze during deer hunting. Don’t worry deer are kind of color-blind so orange cloth won’t cause any problem.

5. Put enough layers

The layers mean to wear cloth in layers but not with your own wish. You have to follow such important basic rules to wear clothes in the layer.

These layer clothes will let you feel comfortable. And moreover, in the winter season or in cold areas, these layers will help you to prevent cold.

Three layers are most important to maintain. Let’s check them.

Source: hotshotgear.com

6. Basic Layer

The base layer is the cloth close to the skin. Base layer cloth will provide the best insulation to your body if you are in a very cold area. So the best way to prevent the cold you must wear heavyweight cloth.

Another fact is if you wear cloth in warm areas, it will be better to wear a lightweight layer. As that will soak the sweat and render a little warm to your body.

Last of all, in the middle area like not so cold but not also warm, there you can put middleweight cloth as the base layer.

7. Middle Layer

Source: carinthia.eu

The mid-layer is above the base layer. For that, you can wear an extra layer more than one as the middle layer.

This layer will prevent heat to come out. Sometimes you may need to wear the mid-layer as the last or outer layer. For that, you need to wear a water-resistant layer.

8. Outer Layer

This is the final and last layer of your clothes. Choose such type that can work as a protection to your other shell. This last shell should not get affected by the spooky bushes or trees.

9. The color of the cloth: Know about deer

Source: wiscnews.com

Deer can’t see the red to green color. Red, green, orange means no color to the deer. When you will choose the clothes color, for the outer shell, it will be wise to choose between these colors.

Deer can clearly see the blue color. I have already said that. So, please avoid that color.

And deer are also sensitive to UV light. Be aware of such clothes that have not UV brighteners.

If you want, you can wear also camo-like cloth so that the deer can’t locate your movement.

How Cloth Impacts on Hunting

Most of the well-known hunters spend a lot of money to buy the perfect hunting cloth. Are they doing this for nothing? Obviously not!

The most important thing about hunting is your flexibility. If you can’t move smoothly, you won’t be able to hunt with full concentration. Another thing is there may create a lot of sound by the cloth and that may lead deer runs out of your target.

But yes only spending money won’t result in the best. You have to gather the experience from the others who have already known about the proper clothes for deer hunting.


Hopefully, it’s clear what to wear deer hunting. The best cloth will be for you that have provided comfort and flexibility. Just avoid blue color cloth. Enjoy your hunting!

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