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What Caliber for Deer Hunting? – 2024 Guide

Deer hunting is an old tradition. The game is quite popular among the people. To do best in deer hunting, you have to choose the right caliber.  Type, place, range different other things are accountable to have effective deer hunting.

Let’s see our explained talks to choose the best caliber for deer hunting.

What is the caliber?

Caliber mainly defines the internal diameter of a gun’s barrel. What Caliber for Deer Hunting?Caliber also shows the projectile. Caliber is actually a measurement of a gun. It marks the identity of a gun. The caliber tells the story of your hunting.

There are several ways to express the measurement. The most common way is to use the metrics or the inches. If you say that you have a .40 inch caliber that means, you will have a rifle of .40 inch or 10.16 mm projectile.

The name of the rifles can be by the caliber or other dimensions. It depends actually.

Different types of caliber for hunting

There are different kinds of caliber for hunting. Here we are sharing some of them with you.

  • 5-284 Norma
  • 7mm Remington Magnum
  • .300 Winchester Magnum
  • .30-06 Springfield
  • .30-30Winchester
  • .45-70Marlin
  • Wilson Combat SBR Tactical in 6.8 SPC
  • AAC Micro 7 in 300 AAC Blackout
  • .243 Winchester
  • Taurus Tracker in .22 WMR

How to choose the best caliber for deer hunting?

Best is kind of a relative term. If any type of caliber suits to someone, you shouldn’t take it as a grant that that caliber will be best for you. Best caliber mainly depends on the flexibility, easy to carry and, sometimes inexpensive.

Source: bestdeerhuntohio.com

We have talked with some deer hunter. From their experience and with our knowledge we have gathered some common ways, here we have brought up some facts that actually determines whether a caliber is best or not. Check out these facts that will help you to select the best caliber.


You have to put your eyes on both long range and short range. They both depend on the gun’s type. Long range rifle is called mainly snipers. The barrel may 24-30 inches. And the average weight of each rifle may 9-11 pound. Each bullet ends its velocity with the high velocity. 18 to the 22-inch barrel and 6 to 8 pounds are the characteristics of a short range rifle. They mainly used for still hunting.

Source: outdoorlife.com


All-purpose rifles indicate that the all type of service this type of rifles provide on average. Like 22-inch barrel and 7-pound weight which is not so heavy at all.


In the hard areas, like the mountain, this type of special rifle is perfect to hunt. Ultra-light is enlisted into all-purpose and short range type rifles.

There is also an important fact, where you are doing the hunt. You should look upon that fact with great care. Otherwise, the functionality won’t get an increase for the hunting.

Stand hunting

If you are hunting in the open area, the heavy rifle will result in better but depends on the good rest of you. Otherwise, it will be wise to carry the lightweight rifle. The ideal cartridge for stand hunting is a flat shooting cartridge.

And if the areas are filled with woods and bushes than you should choose the rifle which is easy to carry.

Still hunting

The rifles which are handy, light-weight should be used for still hunting. Around 150 yards action range is minimum for still hunting.

Source: outdoorlife.com

Hunting by crawling

The ways of hunting are different in this type. You may need to crawl and hike for several miles. Caliber with around 2-12X is the perfect range for shooting. In this type, you have to first spot the deer and then you have to stalk and after then you can go hunting.

Best 4 calibers for deer hunting

Let’s make the things easier for you. We have enlisted best 4 calibers for deer hunting. Give a look at them.

1. 243 Winchester

It will be the best caliber for you if you are a new entry in the hunting. It is a long range shooting caliber. Bullet weight range is from 3.6 gram to 6.6 gram. Target shooters prefer this caliber mostly.

2. 30-06 Springfield

The best deer hunting caliber in this time. People are using this over 100 years. Nothing can beat it. Shooting category is flat shooting and also it is powerful.

3. 30-30 Winchester

One of the best Winchester models, powerful, excellent range and handy to use. The best effective range is around 200 yards. Bullets weight is 9.7 to 11.0 gram.

4. 7mm Remington Magnum

Bullets are highly effective and also the ballistic efficiency is high. From range 250 yards, it is so easy to shoot the dear.

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Therefore, you know now about what are the best calibers for deer hunting. And of course, how to choose them. So, you can choose the right caliber for you and enjoy your deer hunting!

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