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The Art Of Staffing: Best Practices For Organizations And Staffing Agencies

Hiring for businesses, be it small or big, is a challenging process. You must review the applications, interview the candidates, etc., which can be extremely time-consuming. That is why most commercial offices prefer staffing agencies, which help provide candidates for different job roles.

Beaverton, the sixth-largest city in Oregon, offers a thriving and balanced economy. This city consists of commercial corridors and business parks and provides tremendous opportunities to open up businesses, from commercial offices to startups. However, opening up an office requires efficient staffing.

The staffing agency Beaverton helps businesses to recruit, screen, and hire the best talent. According to your needs, you can hire full-time or temporarily.

The staffing process is vital for both the organization and the staffing agency, so how can these two ensure they get the best talent? Well, check out the practices mentioned below.

Design A Virtual Recruitment Process

Sometimes the organization or the staffing agency can’t meet the candidates in person. To make the recruitment process feasible, it is best to have a virtual recruitment process. This works great in remote settings too.

In fact, most commercial staffing agencies use virtual screening to streamline the hiring process. Some of the ways they source the best professionals is via video interviewing. It also saves a lot of time that one might spend on phone screening. Digitizing the recruitment process also helps the agencies to learn more about the candidate before they are called in for an in-person interview.

Matching The Candidates To The Right Roles

One of the most vital parts is to match the candidates with a job that is a good fit for them. The staffing agencies assess the candidate’s skills and match them with the job that is well-suited for them. If you want to be totally sure, then add some assessment tests that will test the candidates on specific skills. This way, you will know which candidate is suited for which role.

Keeping The Candidates In The Loop

Source: associationsnow.com

One of the best practices of any organization and staffing agency is to remember that the hiring process is about the candidates too. When a candidate applies for the job, they also wait for the result of their application. So, it would be best if you kept them engaged. You must always keep them in the loop, and how can you do that? While the answer is simple, by communicating! Communicating with the candidates at every step will leave a candidate with a positive impression of your company.

Creating Job Advertisements

What is one of the best ways to seek employees for your company? How can the candidates know that there is an opening? By creating advertisements! To attract prospects, you have to create attractive advertisements so that they want to find out more about the company. The ad that you create must have a specific job title.

Also, you must include information about the company, for example, the company’s journey, where the office is located, and so on. The ad must also consist of all the skills and responsibilities that you are looking for. In this way, you will have a pool of applicants that are best suited for the job. However, the staffing agency takes care of all, and they have a pool of talented professionals who have undergone a rigorous recruitment process. In fact, the staffing agency can advertise for you!

Tailor The Hiring Process

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Different businesses have different requirements. For example, if you have a startup, then you need candidates who are multitalented, right? Since you will have few team members, you will want multi talented employees. However, you would want a candidate with specific skills for a big business.

How Does a Staffing Agency Help With Hiring?

A staffing agency helps businesses to recruit employees for commercial offices, business. They help in connecting the candidates and the companies. They follow the recruitment process from sourcing to interviewing and create the best talent pool. In fact, if the staffing agency does not have a suitable candidate for you, then they advertise the position for you and get the candidates after following the recruitment process. They conduct interviews, if required, do background checks.

Advantages Of Using Staffing Agencies

Staffing agencies have become a vital source for finding talent efficiently and quickly. Some of the benefits it offers are:

Fast Hiring

Working with a staffing agency makes the hiring process easier and quicker. It becomes challenging for the management to review the resumes, conduct interviews, and manage the company’s operations.

Finding Workers Quickly

If you have a big project and need employees immediately, you can rely on commercial staffing services to get the job done. They create a timetable with you and find the potential employees within the timespan. Also, commercial recruiting services know the importance of turnaround time and finding quality workers that fit your deadline and budget.

Get Skilled Employees

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Commercial staffing services provide you with only skilled and qualified workers. They go through the applications and only connect you with those who are fit for the job.

Lots Of Flexibility

The primary goal of any business is to ensure that every money they spend helps the business. When you have a temporary requirement, the staffing company allows you to have people only when you need them, and since the workers are productive, it helps the business and saves you money.


Summing up, the recruitment process is a challenging and tiring one. And to ensure that you are following the best, remember to follow the practices as mentioned earlier. Also, to ensure that you are getting the best of the best, working with a staffing agency can help your business save time and money. And they also help you in finding well-qualified candidates. They work as middlemen between you and the candidates and match the qualified ones. However, remember to always check out the reviews and testimonials before you decide to work with a staffing agency.

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