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6 Questions To Ask When Choosing A LASIK Doctor

This surgery is very popular in recent years. The reason for that is the fact that it can help you stop wearing glasses or lenses for good. The main benefit is that the results are instant, and that it can completely fix your eyesight.

Another important thing to know about this procedure is that it is safe and fast. The process will last less than 30 minutes, and the only potential side effect is that you might feel a small disturbance in eyes for a day or two.

On the other side, it is very important to choose the right institution for this process. It is crucial for a doctor to have a lot of experience and proper skills so he can guarantee that the procedure will be safe and efficient. If you need a Lasik doctor, check here. Also, here are some important questions to ask before the procedure.

1. Can You Expect Good Results?

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While this process is highly efficient and safe, it is important to know that not everyone is a good patient for it. It depends on your current condition. There are some common problems that can be easily fixed, like problems with reading, seeing from a longer distance, or having blurred vision when there are lights around you during night. All of these issues can be removed for good, and you won’t need glasses ever again.

However, if there are some other problems with your eyes where this surgery could cause additional issues or not be efficient in the right way, you are not the right candidate. There are some other procedures that you might need before this one. The point is that a professional will determine the condition in the right way and find the best solution for that. You can expect that only when choosing a well-known and experienced expert.

2. Ask About Experience and Previous Results

This is a very important part of consultations where you will find out whether the person is the right for you. The biggest issue is when you are choosing someone who recently started performing this. There are places where the main focus is profit, and they might choose to apply this procedure even if there are increased risks. You should never focus on the price here as well.

Also, this is a great way to find out whether a person is reliable. You will check that by trying to confirm what he is claiming about previous patients. There are many places online where people are leaving comments about different topics. You can use them to find out or start a group where you might find some of the previous patients and check their experience.

3. What is the Chance of Side-Effects?

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In case that you are not eligible for this procedure, or the person is not experienced enough so there is a mistake done during the process, there are some serious risks possible. For example, you might experience double vision for a prolonged time because they applied too much force with the laser.

That will cut too much tissue and lead to pain, dry eyes, and double vision. Most of these problems can be fixed, but there is no need to risk facing any of them in the first place. Only the experienced expert can guarantee for that.

4. Is it The Best Solution in Your Case?

It is common that doctors will choose to perform this surgery only on people who are older than 25 and not over 40 in age. The reason is that eyes are not fully grown before 25 when they are fully developed, and due to the fact that there is an increased risk of facing additional issues after reaching the age of 40.

There is a chance to get the approval even if you are older, but that depends on your condition. Again, only a good doctor can make the right choice because that person will spend more time on examining your eyes and checking if there is a chance of experiencing more significant side-effects.

5. The Price

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While it is not a crucial element, most people will be interested in checking the price before they make a selection. For example, the average price is around $2,500. Therefore, maybe there are two places where the difference is in $1,000, which is a significant difference for most people. If you are sure that the cheaper option can guarantee for the perfect results in the same way as some more expensive ones, there is no reason to not choose it.

6. Duration of Effects

The best thing is that the results in most cases are permanent. Therefore, if you needed glasses for the most of your life, you can finally get rid of them. The struggle with lenses is even more annoying. The success rate for those who never had to wear additional accessories ever again is over 90%. On the other side, keep in mind that it will only recover the vision by healing the damage.

There is still a chance that you will need glasses after reaching a certain age. That is related to the fact that blurred vision is a natural process that many people will experience in older age. Still, this technology is improving, and there are already many places where you can apply even if you are younger or older than usual limit.

Last Words

There is no reason to rush with your selection of the hospital where you will have this correction done to your eyes. The biggest mistake would be choosing some unknown and unlicensed option that cannot guarantee for good results. Therefore, the price should never be the main factor.

In the end, this procedure is highly efficient in many cases, and when you are sure that you are choosing the experienced person to provide it, it will help you to finally get rid of glasses and get the perfect vision. Also, we have to add that there is a chance that the results might drop after years, but you can always choose this procedure again since it is so quick and safe.

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