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The Art Of Smoking: A Guide To Choosing The Perfect Glassware

The use of glassware for smoking is increasing rapidly. Glass accessories are being used to smoke weed, tobacco, hemp, and other popular herbs. Glass accessories like glass pipes are the easiest to clean, and hence, people prefer glassware more than ever for making their smoke time leisurely. These accessories also come with water chambers that are an excellent option to cool and filter the smoke.

As it provides high filtration, you can stop the inhalation of toxins. You will find several styles of glassware with lots of accessories. Before buying and using it, you must know a few things about it. You can go through different smoking glassware available and choose the right one that fits you.

Here, you will learn about the glassware used and what to remember before purchasing it.

Components Of Smoking Glassware

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Smoking glassware contains numerous parts that deliver a smooth and enjoyable experience. The herb is placed in the bowl, usually located at the top of the device.

The stem is a tube that connects the bowl to the water chamber or mouthpiece. The smoke is filtered and cooled down in the water chamber, typically filled with water. The mouthpiece is the end of the device where the smoker inhales the smoke.

Different Types Of Glassware

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There are different types of smoking glassware available in the market. However, you must choose the one that fits your smoking and safety needs.

1. Bongs

Bongs are a very popular glassware. It is the most used across the world. Bongs are the best option if you want to experience herbs, good flavor, and harmless smoke. It consists of a bowl with a stem attached to it. The water bowl is attached to the end of another device.

You will be able to operate a mouthpiece along with smoking the vapors. If you like dry herbs, this device is a good choice. As the smoke gets filtered, you will have a great experience. The Bongs are available in several designs and styles.

2. Pipes

It is a tiny, light-glass device to smoke with a weed dish. The stem connects to the chamber along with a mouthpiece. These pipes are also available in several sizes and models. If you store the glass-made tube, it appears stylish and trending. The Pipes are also available in Metal and Wood.

3. Dab Rigs

Dab Rigs suits well if you like smoke oils, concentrates, or wax. It looks the same as Bongs. The bowl size of Dab Rigs is comparatively tiny compared to Bongs. To generate concentrated vapors, some devices have nails in their bowls. Several people prefer Dab Rigs over Bongs, as it gives more satisfaction. However, there are better choices for many other people.

4. Chillums

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Chillums are very tiny smoking devices. It is a tube glassware and looks sleek and straight. The bowl is connected to the narrow tube and mouthpiece. It is user-friendly, and anyone can use it. The Chillums are available in glass, wood, stone, etc.

5. Bubblers

It is a smoking glassware that resembles a blend of Pipes, Bubblers, and Bongs. For filtrating the vapor, it has a water section. You will have a mouthpiece which is attached to the tube. It is used for the inhalation of the smoke. You will have Bubblers in several designs. It gives you a resounding hit whenever you have a puff.

6.Stream Rollers

Stream Rollers is like Chillums. They have the additional feature of air control. It looks straight and enlarged. There is a chamber and mouthpiece that are attached to a stem. Stream Rollers is also helpful for an intense experience of smoking.

Factors To Consider While Selecting Glassware For Smoke

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There are a few factors that you must consider while purchasing glassware for your smoking needs. Here are the same.

1. Capacity

You must realize whether you will smoke single or with a group. If you always smoke single, you can opt for Pipe or Chillums. If you consider smoking with friends, family, or a group, you must go for Bong or Bubblers.

2. Material

You will find several glassware materials in the market. They include silicone, acrylic, etc. You must choose a durable, long-lasting, heatproof material that makes cleaning easy.

3. Design

There are several designs available in the market. However, not all designs fit one’s smoking needs. It would be best to try them initially to ensure the best fit for you. It would be best to consider the ones that give you a better smoking experience.

4. Functionality

Before choosing the glassware, you must identify the device’s working. You can buy one that is simple and secure to use.

Good And Bad About Glassware

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If you want to smoke harmless and cool vapors, use glassware. It assists in minimizing the severity produced by the smoke in the lungs and the throat. It is easy to clean the glass and eliminate poisons. It can last for years if you preserve it. Glassware is a flexible choice that one can use to smoke different concentrates and other herbs.

Concerning bad points, glassware is a weak option and can break if you misuse it. Only a few people can pay for it as the device is expensive. The setup’s cost varies depending on the vaping device’s condition and overall size.


Smoking is a conventional art that remains in the same method with new developments. Different glassware is available for a fantastic smoking experience for every individual. Before selecting, you must know more about the glassware and associated equipment.

Considering all the factors like size, material, design, and functionality, you can choose the suitable smoking device based on your needs and preferences. You must take care of it regularly to ensure it lasts several years. It would be best to clean and store properly to avoid damage and retain the device’s functionality.

This guide will help you make the right decision while purchasing smoking glassware. It will assist you in getting a better smoking practice even if you are a learner of all this stuff.

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