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When is bow hunting season in Michigan

When is Bow Hunting Season in Michigan

Hunting has always been a matter of thrill and adventure for mankind. It has somehow emerged with the flow of time. Michigan, a state in the United States is very suitable for hunting purposes. As a result, hunting is now quite famous in this state.

There are many hunting weapons but among all of them, bow hunting is somehow considered a special kind of its own. However, some certain seasons are fixed for the hunting and they vary from each other along with the hunting animal.

Bow Hunting Season in Michigan

No matter what the hunting animal might be, there has to be a specified season for bow hunting.

The different seasons based on the variety of the animals are introduced by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. Some of the seasons are described below.

Deer hunting

Deer hunting is one of the most famous bow hunting. Due to the availability, in Michigan, bow hunting holds a special place and it has a specific season as well.

The deer bow hunting season approximately starts from 1st October to 14th November. Or 1st December to 1st January.

Elk hunting

Elk is from a large species of the deer family. The elk is most active in the mornings and evenings. The hunting season generally starts in October.

Wild turkey hunting

The wild turkey has always been one of the favorite bow hunting. The season for Turkey hunting is spring. In Michigan, the season starts from mid of April to the end of May.

Thus during this session wild turkey hunting is preferable.

Woodcock hunting

Some might find woodcock hunting a bit tricky. And when someone is using bow things can get a bit too clumsy if the season and the laws are not maintained.

The season of woodcock hunting is generally starting from the end of September to the beginning of November.

Regulations regarding the bow hunting season

The above seasons were selected for valid reasons and there are some other important aspects of hunting seasons as well. Some of them are discussed below.

Preferred hunting animals

As the hunting is discussed for Michigan and it is bow hunting, some related animals are preferred to be hunted to reduce the complexity.  Some of them are deer, elk, wild turkey, woodcock, etc.

Thus the seasons of these animals were discussed for an overall view.

Hunting process

The hunting process of bow hunting is unique in its own way. Bows are quite famous in Michigan for hunting.

One hunter can possess two licenses at a time each for a single method.

Legal issues

There are some legal formalities if one wants to do hunting by using a bow. These laws and licenses should be followed strictly to avoid any unnecessary delay.

The license provided by Michigan must be kept carefully as it allows hunting of small-sized game. In Michigan, the hunters are allowed to purchase other game licenses after the base license. After getting the licenses, one has to follow the guidelines strictly.

Customs and rules

Some customs are created with the flow of time. They have somehow merged with the other things so well that they consider those customs, rules. An example might help to get the point.

Hunters cannot carry bows in their vehicles. If the bow is stored in a box or something like that then the case is different.  Moreover, hunters are not allowed to use any kind of flashes or lights. These customs are followed by Michigan hunters.

Related recreational activities

The hunter firstly collects the base license.  Then different game licenses can be purchased.

These games consist of deer hunting, elk hunting, and many more.

Age and attire

Michigan has some strict rules of its own and in the case of bow hunting, there are age limits and fixed attires as well.

If the hunter wants to use a crossbow, he or she has to be at least 10. But with required licenses children aged 9 can also use them.

The clothes for hunters are also determined by the animals they are hunting. In the early antlerless season deer hunters have to wear orange.

Again for small games, hunters wear orange.

Hunting Sights

The hunting sight depends on the choice of animal the hunter is hunting. Not all the zones are available for the hunter. When the license is issued, hunting zones are fixed for the hunter.

Thus he or she will be able to hunt in those certain zones in Michigan.


The article emphasizes different aspects regarding bow hunting in Michigan. It describes the rules and regulations and gives a clear conception of bow hunting in the state.

One can easily enjoy the thrill and adventure of bow hunting without any unwanted obstacle.

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