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When is hunting season in Alabama

When is Hunting Season in Alabama

Hunting is more like a passion rather than a hobby for most of you guys out there. I am sure you plan to get a go for this outdoor activity whenever you strike a chance.

Whether it’s a deer or any type of bird hunting, you will always want to boast about your hunting skills before your friends.

It is also a new kind of experience that not only helps you to spend your leisure time properly but also sharpens your mind as well. Because hunting is not only about running, it is about strategic planning as well.

Alabama is the perfect location for all outdoorsmen out there. But mostly it’s well known for its hunting grounds. Even catching a white-tailed deer or two makes your day.

But, as usual, you must have a license to hunt. Also, you must know the seasons appropriate for hunting the animal of your choice.

Many of you may have questions regarding the season perfect for hunting in Alabama. Not to worry. Go through the information below for a better understanding.

Hunting season in Alabama

So that there is no confusion, the season for hunting animals vary. So do the dates. That is why the information below will help you look for the perfect zones and dates for hunting.

1. Goose Hunting

Some of you are probably interested in hunting some resident goose on the occasion of throwing a party. Or just because the hunting festival has begun.

Goose, ducks especially the teal migrate in Alabama in the month of September. To put it in dates, it will be from the 1st to the 30th of September. But the season of teal is always limited, from September 9th to 24th.

2. Dove Hunting

Now, remember that there are three months also known as three phases for dove hunting. The months are September, October, and November. Sometimes it even lasts till January.

You have a better chance to catch a dove if you start during the afternoon. The birds are always flocking in a large group during this time. Phase 1 starts from 17th till 24th September. Phase 2 starts from 7th to 28th October.

Last but not the least, phase 3 starts on the 18th of November and can last till the 15th of January. There are huge opportunities for all the dove hunters. You can also catch a good amount of these birds if you can start from 30 minutes before sunrise. Your choice.

Point to be noted: There are certain rules and regulations regarding the baiting and hunting for the doves. This is because Alabama is known to be one of the nation’s top dove states with over 300 million of its species. So make sure to read the government rules and regulations for hunting doves very carefully before you start.

3. Deer Hunting

Deer hunting is the most popular among all the hunters out there. Alabama is a state rich in flora and fauna species. Deer are no different.

Deer hunting varies in zones and is strictly regulated as well I must say. The central and western counties including Jackson is under Zone A.

You can bow hunt the deer in this zone from 14th to 23rd October. If you want to hunt the deer with a gun then the appropriate season is from November to February. You can see how the rules are strict and they vary as well.

In Zone B the perfect season for bow hunting a deer is during the mid of October. And gun hunting a deer will start from November.

Zone C covers the north-east counties of Alabama. The season for deer hunting in this zone is the same as in the other zones.

Point to be noted: Each zone got numerous sub-regulations for hunting a deer. They also change from time to time. So make sure to keep yourself updated regarding the rules.

4. Waterfowl Hunting

This smaller species of duck is also a good choice for the hunters out there. There are two phases for hunting the waterfowl. The first phase is from 24th to 25th of November. December 2nd till the 2nd of January is the second phase for hunting this duck.

5. Wild Turkey Hunt

If you are up for some turkey hunt then you got two chances. One is during fall and another is during springtime. The fall season starts in the mid of November. The spring season is from December till the 1st of January for hunting.


I hope you have got a good idea regarding the hunting seasons in Alabama. Always remember to follow the rules before you are off hunting to avoid any kind of problems. Moreover, ensure you have a proper hunting license as well.

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