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Diablo 4 Necromancer Сlass Overview 2024

Diablo 4 Necromancer Сlass Overview 2024

In Diablo 4, it’s important to properly level your chosen class. At first, clearing story locations is not difficult, you can do it without carefully selected skills. However, already in the middle of the game, your character can die in fights with bosses in a matter of seconds. We have compiled a brief overview of the Necromancer class in Diablo 4.

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Who Is the Necromancer Suitable for and What Can This Class Do

Who is the Necromancer suitable for and what can this class do
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The Necromancer is the most versatile class in Diablo 4. This character raises skeletons from graves and explodes corpses under the feet of enemies. The Necromancer is a great choice for beginners. It is comfortable to play at all stages of the game. For advanced users, the Necromancer is interesting for its skills. This class can slow down and weaken enemies, move them, and stop them on the spot. With such abilities, it is more interesting to play. On hard difficulty and in duels against other players, they are also extremely useful.

The majority of the powers need essence points, which the player may acquire through time, as well as enemy corpses to summon skeletons and golems. The user will be able to improve the personal skills of the hero or his minions depending on the assembly. When used appropriately, the Necromancer’s strong health and defensive abilities enable them to tank bosses in addition to surviving battles.

A serious disadvantage of the Necromancer is its mediocre defense against enemy attacks. When playing as Necromancer, it is essential to constantly move around the location and carefully monitor the attacks of enemies. However, even such a disadvantage can be smoothed out by competent pumping. There are many options for the development of the Necromancer, but it is worth highlighting three main ones:

  • Tank Necromancer assembly for players who want to increase the protection of the hero. This hero won’t die so fast. It is comfortable to play with such a build: you will have the right to make a mistake.
  • Necromancer damage dealer. Enemies will not even have time to approach such a character. DPS forces you to pay attention to positioning on the battlefield, but they have increased damage. It is the best option against strong bosses.
  • Necromancer Summoner relies on the help of skeletons and golems. Loyal servants distract enemies and deal damage.

Unique Features


Dismounting necromancer diablo 4
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Each class is marked with a special dismount skill. A player hit by an opponent’s attack will automatically be thrown off their horse and will not be able to activate the dismount ability. After activating the dismount skill, the necromancer instantly jumps off his horse and slams his weapon on the ground to release bone magic in a small cone in front of him. If you don’t have a mount and would like to own it, check this out and learn how to acquire a mount in Diablo 4.

Book of the Dead

The Book of the Dead is a unique ability that allows you to construct an army of the undead. The player can customize three types of minions: skeleton warriors, skeleton magicians, and golems. It is not necessary to improve the call, so the player, if desired, can start pumping the character’s traits.

What Characteristics and Resources Does a Necromancer Use?

What Characteristics and Resources Does a Necromancer Use
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The main characteristic of the Necromancer is intelligence. The character’s spell damage depends on it. With any build, it’s worth looking at equipment with a bonus to intelligence. You can ignore the strength indicator: it is almost useless for the Necromancer. Instead of the usual RPG mana, the Necromancer has an essence. It replenishes automatically, but very slowly. To speed up recovery, you need to deal damage to enemies with a normal attack.

Corpses are the Necromancer’s most important resource. They are used in nearly all assemblies. Skeletons and golems are made from dead people by the necromancer. In addition, it decomposes bodies and releases miasma from them to delay and weaken adversaries. The lack of corpses near lone adversaries might be an issue for the necromancer. The necromancer, however, conjures up corpses out of thin air every few seconds with the use of fundamental abilities.

An essential attribute of the necromancer is the Book of the Dead. This is a menu where you can choose different types of skeleton warriors, skeleton magicians, or golems. Each has three development options. Let’s say skeleton warriors can specialize in attack or defense.

How Leveling Works in Diablo 4

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At the beginning of the game, everything is expected to be simple – kill monsters, complete quests, earn experience, gain new levels – and with them skill points that you spend on new abilities. Almost all abilities can be improved with additional points. But in fact, pumping in Diablo 4 has several layers. The maximum number of leveling points is 58. But the character has only 50 levels. Where can you get the missing eight points, without which no assembly will be complete?

To do this, you will have to pump a special characteristic in each region which increases as you clear dungeons and complete missions on Veteran difficulty. As a reward for a certain number of fame points, bonus skill points are issued. After reaching level 50, you can level up another 50.

This will be a separate leveling with its intricate tree called “Improvement”. Within its framework, you open passive bonuses for the hero. In Enhancement, 225 points are available. Some of them are given as a bonus for completing tasks in the open world, as well as skill points. You can experiment with the distribution of improvement points in a special calculator.

It is important to choose the right equipment and aspects. Aspects are the bonuses of legendary equipment. They can be extracted from armor, jewelry, and weapons, or mined in dungeons. Aspects are inserted into rare equipment and turn it into legendary.

Even though the Necromancer class is one of the most popular in the game, you can choose any, you’ll have fun in any case. So if you want to know why Diablo 4 has an 8,7 rating on IMDb, begin your trip into the Diablo 4 universe as soon as possible.

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