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7 Tips To Enjoy The Summer of 2024

A lot of people around the world love summer. It is the favorite season of many, because we can spend a lot of time outside doing various things – swimming, sunbathing, or simply walking. Days last longer and we feel better when it isn’t cloudy or raining outside. The best thing about it is that we can share this wonderful weather with family and friends.

However, there are certain health risks – if you spend too much time directly under the sun, you may get sunburned. These burns are often irritating and your skin hurts a lot. Therefore, you need to have some sort of a protection if you plan to be outside a lot.

Here’s what you need to a relaxing vacation and what the best way to protect yourself from the sun is –

1. Solar Radiation and UV Rays

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In some places, high temperatures hit harder. Depending on the destination you choose, you should know in advance how the temperatures and the radiation level are. The hours in which you should limit sun exposure is 11 a.m. to 17 p.m. During these hours, I recommend wearing a straw hat that will make you feel protected from the sun’s rays.

The Panama Hat is a perfect hat, apart from being light and cool, protect yourself with this hat and you will avoid the risk of heatstroke. And don’t forget that whenever you go out you should apply sunscreen frequently to achieve complete protection. If you want your skin to become darker, remember that this is progressive and you should always do it with caution. For more information about Panama hats visit >> EcuadorianHands

2. Play sports in the mornings and evenings

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Going out to do sports is something that should be continuous, therefore, if summer arrives you should take the following precautions. They should contemplate the cooler hours if it is early in the morning. Starting the day with an outdoor exercise routine will fill you up with a lot of energy.

Also, avoid doing high-impact sports, to keep your body temperature and cool. You could opt for swimming to be able to always stay at a good temperature. You must take into account, if you suffer from cardiovascular diseases you must be cautious and be able to maintain an exercise rhythm that does not exceed your limits. Humidity and high temperatures are not a good companion if you suffer from a disease.

3. Eat healthy foods

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Food is good company. We have to be healthy and strong. In the summer you should increase the intake of vegetables and fruits and lower the levels of fatty foods. Obviously, if you are on vacation you will be tempted to try all kinds of delicious food without seeing its caloric value.

So, we are going to treat ourselves, but with caution and responsibility. My favorites are tropical fruits, many of them, or almost all of them are very juicy for this reason, you will stay hydrated with nutrients and minerals that will make you feel very good and full of energy.

Fish and shellfish are perfect to have in your diet for their healthy nutrients and low calories. But when it comes to eating, remember that it must be balanced and healthy, so you will see your body more resistant to enjoy the outdoors. As an advice, avoid smoking, drinking excessively, consuming a lot of salt or GMOs.

4. Wear comfortable clothes that suits the weather

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Getting rid of the pile of layers of clothing is the most incredible feeling when the temperatures rise and feeling completely free. Always dress according to the activities that you are going to carry out if you are going to play sports, take clothes with you that do not allow moisture and heat to accumulate, if you are going out try to wear light clothing and be able to make a change every time you feel uncomfortable and wet.

Comfortable shoes will always be your best friend, and you know why walking, jumping, hiking or climbing require you to have a perfect pair. This way you will avoid pain and discomfort that inhibits you from enjoying more days. There are thousands of options when it comes to dressing depending on the activities they perform. Don’t forget that your comfort and style go hand in hand. So let’s enjoy it!

5. Hydrate Regularly

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At this time, increasing your water intake should be an almost religious practice, so you will avoid heat strokes and decompensation due to dehydration. Consume approximately two to two and a half liters of water. If you can carry your pot with water from your home it is much better, so you will avoid generating plastic consumption and polluting. We have to be aware that when we are exposed to the sun, consuming water continuously is ideal.

6. Travel with your Pet

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Pets are like our children. They often have discomfort in the sun when we are not aware of whether they perceive high temperatures in a negative way, the first thing is not to keep them locked up for a long time when we travel.

Do not forget that it is very bad to make our pets walk on concrete or asphalt in hours where the sun is beating very hard, it can cause injuries to their legs and cause them a lot of damage. Also do not forget to be aware of their hydration, it is very important. Our canines are important and you must give them the importance they deserve.

7. Social Activities

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It is normal to have contact with our favorite people. And in summer it is a beautiful time to visit our family, or plan a trip with them. Enjoy fun in a group such as a bike ride, dance or sports. Plan a walk in advance and get to know the most beautiful places with a dreamy summer landscape.

If you have the opportunity, visiting a tropical country may be the best option in summer, you can experience the experience of knowing another culture with traditions and customs different from ours, go for a trip around the world, the memories with yours are the best you can have. Have a nice summer and don’t forget to protect yourself!

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