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Why Are Some Coffee Beans So Expensive – 2024 Guide

The most interesting fact about coffee is that this beverage is more popular than water. Also, it can be found all over the world. There is a massive production that allows decent prices and availability even in third-world countries. If you prefer starting your day with a nice hot cup, there are several options to choose from, like brewing, getting a coffee machine, or visiting the local cafeteria.

Brewing is a quite simple process. However, espresso is the most popular version these days. If you want to prepare good one at home, you should get the right machine and high-quality beans. In that matter, check out melmas.at

When it comes to prices, it depends on the brand, type, part of the world where the beans are produced, and more. Also, some recent occasions might lead to increase in prices as well. The prices on the stock market are getting higher due to inflation and increased price of gas. Besides that, there was a problem last year when one of the biggest warehouses in Brazil was destroyed in fire.

You can notice that some types are much more expensive. There are different factors that could affect such a difference in values. In this article, we are going to analyze more about the prices of coffee beans on global market and how they are created.

Supply and Demand

Source: coffeeaffection.com

It is simple to understand why this is one of the key factors when it comes to price forming on global markets. When the demand is much higher than the supply, it is normal that the prices will increase as well. Still, there are no reasons to worry that this beverage will suddenly become available only to rich people since it is quite stable, and ups and downs are often following the economic situation in the world.

This is a huge industry with millions of people being involved. Also, we can find companies from all over the world. The biggest producers are from Brazil, Colombia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Ethiopia. Besides the supply and demand, you need to understand that the complexity of production can also lead to the higher value of beans.

For example, if there was a drought on some big farm or a whole area, the production will drop, causing the prices to go up. Also, if you are interested in some unique flavors and methods of production, you can expect a much higher price as well.

Roast Quality

Proper roasting represents a crucial process that can secure the high quality of the beans. The reason for that is that different sorts require a variety of processes and different times and temperatures for roasting. If you are interested in a company that is paying more attention to this process, be prepared to pay more for it.

Unique Methods of Production

Source: pmg.engineering

There are several options that we are going to mention, which represent premium sorts and blends. For example, Death Wish is one of the best beans in the world. However, the production is quite complicated since experts are spending a lot of time on creating a roast that will secure a high amount of caffeine, along with the strong and unique taste of black coffee. Besides that, there are organic farms that are securing the safest condition for this plant to grow.

Moreover, we have to mention the unique type of production that can be seen in Indonesia and Thailand. When it comes to Thailand, they are feeding cats with the seeds, then collect their feces to remove the beans, and then continue with the processing. An even more unique process can be seen on Java, where farmers are feeding lemurs with seeds, and then collect them from the feces again to continue with the roast.

High Requirements

While this plant is quite resistant and long-lasting, with some sorts lasting for 200 years, the main challenge in many countries is the huge water demand. Installing a highly effective irrigation system is a must for coffee farmers, but it can be a problem in some places. The climate changes are increasing issues with the water supplies, and longer drought can easily destroy the yearly supply of these seeds on one plant.

Predictions are Not Bright as Well

Source: bloomberg.com

The best example of how climate change can affect this industry was seen in 2024 when many countries that are large producers of this product faced issues with a water supply and transport, along with some other problems. The biggest issue is that these issues are affecting the production of Arabica, which is the most popular sort.

The biggest producer in the world, Brazil, was faced with serious climate problems where many fields were destroyed. The farmers are putting an extra effort to get back on track, but the prices will be much higher due to the bad year, and the additional expenses they had to deal with.

Besides that, the popularity and demand are growing too high, and the question is whether current production in the world will be able to secure such high demand. Almost every home today has at least a simple coffee machine, and a lot of people prefer drinking more than three cups per day. If the trend continues, and there are no new fields, the prices could become much higher than today.

Last Words

While some predictions are not that bright, chances are not that great that there will be some serious changes over night. In that matter, you can still enjoy your favorite cup of morning joy. On the other side, if the climate conditions continue to be more challenging, it might create a serious problem with the global supply of coffee.

When it comes to some simple factors, you should choose the beans by brand and producer, along with the sort that you prefer the most. It is never recommended to buy those cheap packages of grinded coffee since there is a chance that it is mixed with some other ingredients.  The best solution is to always check the country of origin, date of roast, and the name of producer.

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