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Are Expensive Cuban Cigars Really Worth The Extra Money?

Cigars And Their Origin

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A cylindrical pipe filled with dried and brewed tobacco leaves makes a cigar. And do you know what makes the most authentic cigar? If the leaves are sourced from Cuba. As they say, the wrapper leaves are the finest in the niche, boasting characteristics such as durability, elasticity, silkiness, even color, intense flavor, and, of course, a great fire.

With more than one-third of the country’s land harboring wrapper leaves’ plantation, Cuba is the haven for smokers and their cigars, a perpetual source of aestheticism and quality.

According to Christopher Columbus and the explorers, the Indians in the regions of Cuba, Mexico, Central America, and Brazil were seen to be smoking twisted tobacco leaves wrapped in a dried palm leaf in a barrel-shape-like thick package. It further led to the product’s evolution, and is now one of the most luxury items in the world.

Natives from the Caribbean were familiar with tobacco, but the Europeans were unknown to the discovery before it struck them high and dry. Before Columbus sent his initial scouts to the Caribbean centers where locals had been smoking for centuries, he introduced it to Spain in 1676, where it became well-known and profitable. Cuba’s first factories did not open before the 18th century.

Facts About Cuban Cigars

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If you are searching for the finest cigars, there is no better option than the ones from Cuba. Made entirely from locally manufactured tobacco, the smoke that emanates from it is robust and authentic. And since every luxury item in the world holds a higher degree in terms of price, Cuban cigars, too, hold a distinction in the list of every smoking enthusiast. As a result, here are a few facts that you could know about the industry and the renowned cigars it eminently produces.

  • Since Cuba is the largest country producing cigars and it is one of the most flourishing industries in the country, the sector is under express government directive.
  • All the Cuban cigars produced in the territory are carefully crafted, professionally wrapped, and free of defects or imperfections, according to the authorities.
  • The material used is of the highest possible quality, and no compromisations are made. The management helps in maintaining the quality of the product by keeping a check.
  • Unlike in other countries, Cuban cigars’ raw materials are not mixed or hampered. It’s made entirely of Cuban tobacco, resulting in a remarkably ‘pure’ smoke.
  • One Cuban cigar requires approximately 100 steps to make, which explains their high cost.
  • The extra care and attention to detail that goes into making the cigars distinguish them from all the other options on the market
  • The distinct and complex aroma of tobacco evokes a combination of sun, sea, and soil, making a Havana cigar unforgettable in its own right.
  • Our conversation with one of the most genuine Cuban cigar sellers, havanahouse.co.uk, indeed shows us that not only the consumers but also the producers have a passion for Cigars. If you visit their site, you’ll see how they have been continually striving to bring the best cigars, accessories, and products to you.

No matter what one may say, the royalty of a Cuban cigar is undeniable. The feeling of holding that supremely crafted pipe and drowning in the aroma that fills the atmosphere definitely introduces you to the New World. A world of minimal worries, no stress, and complete honesty. The feeling of being yourself after a long tiring event or day is inexplicable.

Benefits of Cuban Cigars

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Many surveys and studies have concluded that Cuban cigars pose no significant health risks. Smoking one cigar a day is said to be legal, and it does have several health benefits. Furthermore, tobacco is thought to have healing properties and assists certain people with nasal passage obstructions and coping with cold weather.

  • A study proved that cigar smokers are at lesser health risks than cigarette smokers. Another study found that pipe smokers outlive non-smokers. Apart from this, cigars have a strong flavor and the calming effect of 20-30 cigarettes.
  • Cigars have been proved to give mental health benefits as the savory and robust flavor hits your brain. It exercises the brain and the cortex and makes them more robust, which helps regulate the brain. Since a cigar lasts up to 2 to 3 hours and isn’t consumed regularly, it decreases the risk of health problems associated with smoking several times a day.
  • It is an excellent way to de-stress after a long hard day. It releases the mind of every thought and gives immense pleasure. It also lowers blood pressure and aids in controlling and reducing weight.
  • The properties of a Cuban cigar aid in the preservation of the present moment. As a result, the person is happier and healthier than before. It also provides excellent contemplation power, which results in efficient and unbiased decision-making.
  • It makes the person mindful and also improves the focus and attention of the consumer.
  • Smoking a pipe with a group always seems to lead to healthy, open, and enjoyable decisions, and you end up learning a few things.
  • The additional benefit that people don’t talk about is that cigar smoke repels flying insects. It reduces the risk of diseases or infections caused while sitting outdoors.
  • You can find Cuban cigars in varied aromas and tastes, and every single one of them is outstanding. Regardless of what people claim, they are a few of the most effective ways to relieve tension and enjoy your “me time.” The habit of smoking is the epitome of self-love. Along with the other advantages listed, the de-stressing property costs way less money than a few counseling or meditation sessions.

In Conclusion

Just make sure that you are not being duped by fake sellers of the Cuban cigar box on the black market. It’s always the wisest decision to buy them from a trusted and reputed dealer like the havanahouse.co.uk to make sure that your product is authentic and its usage gives you the happiness that you deserve.

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