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5 Reasons Why Self-Cleaning Swimming Pools Are Worth The Extra Money

If you have your own pool, you know how important it is to maintain clean water in it. Sometimes, we spend most of our time and money on these things. Therefore, it is not surprising that today many pool owners opt for the installation of self-cleaning systems. However, many consider this to be an expensive investment. On the one hand, it may be so – but self-cleaning pools certainly bring you many benefits. We will point out to you 5 reasons why self-cleaning swimming pools are worth the extra money.

Investing in Self-Cleaning: Yes Or No?

Summer is very close – and with it comes the heat. If you have a pool in the yard, it is quite certain that you will not have to invest a lot of money in going to nearby, public pools. You don’t have to get in the crowd – when you can simply enjoy all the advantages of your own pool. Having a pool in the yard allows you to enjoy hanging out with your family and friends without leaving home.

Of course, this enjoyment must also be safe, so you must maintain the purity of the water. That can sometimes be a tedious job. That’s the reason why many pool owners opt for self-cleaning pool systems. Although this is considered an additional investment, we can say that it is justified.

How Does a Self-Cleaning System Work?

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The best thing about self-cleaning pools – is that they do everything themselves. The nozzles on which this system is based stand at the bottom of the pool – and can be almost invisible. Their job is to filter the water in the pool, but they do it in an equally discreet way. Namely, you will not hear any sound or feel the operation of the rotating nozzles – and yet, the water in your pool will always be filtered and clean.

The system of operation of these nozzles is such that the water circulates in several different directions – and cleans the surface of the pool by directing the accumulated dirt in the pool drain or special places for waste disposal. This way you will always have clean water in the pool that is safe for swimming.

Reasons To Opt For Self-Cleaning Pool Systems

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What we most often consider the disadvantage of installing such self-cleaning systems is the price. On the other hand, you can make a long-term calculation. That way, you will see that this can still be a very good solution in the long run.

However, the price is not the only thing that determines you to opt for a self-cleaning pool. According to nowralocalpools.com.au, some other factors also speak in favor of the smart pool technology. So let’s take a look at the reasons why self-cleaning pools can be a good choice.

1. Smart Water Circulation In The Pool

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One of the biggest advantages of self-cleaning pools – is that the entire system is automated. In practice, this means that the cleaning of the pool is enabled by the even circulation of water. The best thing is, that this process is fully automated.

The smart system of water circulation allows you to have clean water in the pool at almost any time. That way, you can jump into the pool whenever you want. This technology greatly simplifies the job of cleaning water –  and all the self-cleaning components you want to add to the pool are very easy to install.

2. Safety

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Because smart water purification technology is relatively new, there are still users who doubt its efficiency and safety. However, we must turn away all untrustworthy users – because this is actually a very secure system for which all pool builders will offer you a long-term guarantee. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the clean pool with your family at almost any time.

3. Efficiency And Cleaning Speed

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If we draw a parallel with the traditional ways of cleaning the pool – we will see that a self-cleaning pool is very advantageous. With standard pool cleaning methods, water circulation is much slower, which certainly affects the filtration rate. In self-cleaning pools, powerful pumps filter water much faster, and they are also far more efficient due to the nozzles that direct dirt to the drain.

Water filtration in this way is several times faster than all previous methods we have used. In addition, nozzles in self-cleaning pools have the effect of cleaning water both at the bottom and on the surface of the pool.

4. Better Distribution Of Chemicals In The Cleaning Process

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Certainly, as with any other pool water maintenance – we must use chemicals in self-cleaning pools too. Some opponents of the self-cleaning system take this as the main drawback. However, things are completely different. Namely, with self-cleaning pools, you must use chemicals in the way provided for that and do not deviate from it.

Otherwise, the effect will not be appropriate. It is also very important to know that in the process of self-cleaning, the water circulation is at an adequate level. It’s because otherwise, the chemicals you use will not have a good effect. Although many take this as a disadvantage, it can also be an advantage. How come?

This way you will discipline yourself to regularly check the degree of water circulation in the pool. It means that you must make sure that the nozzles and pumps are working properly.

When everything works properly – then the effect of the chemicals you use will actually have an even greater effect. Namely, the better the water circulation, the greater the effect of chemicals. Besides all this, you should know that the rotating nozzles push water and chemicals from below towards the surface of the pool. That makes the water cleaners reach all parts of the pool equally.

5. Water Temperature Is Uniformed

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Thanks to the nozzles at the bottom of the pool, you will no longer have to worry about the water temperature. No… the nozzles do not heat the water. This is still done by your pool heaters, but thanks to the operation of the rotating nozzles, there will no longer be those places where you feel the transition from the warm to the colder part of the pool. While doing their job, the nozzles distribute the water evenly – making sure that there are no more cold places in the pool.

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