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5 Reasons Never to Hit the Beach Without Water Shoes

Summer is coming. Sunny days, time spent outside, warm nights, going out, vacations and holidays. So beautiful and inspiring! Some have planned a vacation earlier, and some are eagerly looking for a way to fulfill their idea of a wonderful flight. Apartments are reserved, transportation tickets are booked, destinations are talked about.

Summer clothes are bought, bathing suits are harmonized with towels and beach bags, floral and striped patterns are swirling, bright colors and glittering materials are combined. We can already see ourselves on the beach, with sunglasses, an irresistibly tanned complexion. Women also think about sandals and slippers. Men, of course sports sneakers and slippers.

With all these fashion and aesthetic choices, we happen to forget about some functional things, which mean a lot to stay on the beach. We may not even be aware of how much we are relieved by many situations on the beach and in the water, until we start using them. One such thing is water shoes.

What are water shoes?

Water shoes are beach shoes. They are made of rubber, plastic, but lately, they are also made of special materials such as neoprene or gore-tex. The choice is great. It all depends on your needs and activities on the beach and in the water. Also, the models vary from classic, to specialized with belts that can be tightened and loosened, if desired.

Reasons to use water shoes:

1. Protection

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Although it looks idyllic, sand or small pebbles can hide various dangers. You never know if some tourist has thrown away a metal ring from a can, a broken glass bottle, cigarette… If you stepped on one of them, cut yourself or burned yourself, your vacation would be significantly ruined. Changing is the least that would happen to you. A tetanus vaccine, a bandage, a ban on bathing, difficulty walking and being forced to stay in a room or away from the beach – you really shouldn’t.

And entering the water hides its potential dangers. Our goal is not to scare you and distract you from enjoying summer, but to warn you and tell you about the benefits of wearing water shoes. Sharp debris of something bacilli can also be found in the water. Then there are lakes, sharp shells, rocks and stones, which cannot always be noticed, but lurk at the bottom. Especially if it’s a lake or a river, there’s mud and you don’t know what he’s hiding. Water shoes are ideal to protect your feet and make bathing safe.

2. Slipping

Rubber water shoes are ideal to save you from slipping and falling, which would bring you a strong blow, and possibly injury. They have a ribbed sole, which increases the friction factor and reduces the chances of slipping and falling, as a consequence. Whether it is a sea rock, rocks, muddy river bottom, or a layer of slippery leaves at the bottom of the lake, algae or moss… water shoes are able to prevent slipping, loss of balance and fall. There is also a risk of twisting the ankle joint if such a surface is encountered. That is why water shoes are highly recommended. Check the pattern of the sole at https://nortiv8shoes.com/collections/water-shoes

3. Water sports

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Many people are not very interested in sunbathing and swimming. A large number, especially the younger population, have a wide range of offers for water sports. Surfing, kayaking, kiting, sailing, rafting, canoeing, diving, fishing, water fitness … I can’t imagine without a certain type of equipment, and the first on the list are water shoes. They protect against cold water, slipping, hitting, stabbing and cuts. They adhere to the surface and thus enable better balance and thus the results achieved in water sports. Anyone who engages in such activities knows that it is unthinkable to be without water shoes, in such situations.

4. Saunas and showers

These situations also require wearing water shoes. Hot water vapor, shampoos and soaps that wash and fall to the tile floor, are ideal for slipping, falling and most likely breaking something. It is known that falls in the bathroom are the most dangerous. Going barefoot on such surfaces is extremely dangerous and not recommended. In hot and humid conditions, another danger lurks. The chances of getting ‘athletic foot’, getting fungal disease between the toes and nails, are huge. Why take the risk, when trouble can be prevented. It is simple and easy to buy water shoes and walk carefree, without fear that we will have unwanted consequences.

5. Temperature regulation

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Although summer is synonymous with heat and going to the beach means warm weather, that doesn’t mean you can’t catch a cold even then. A long stay in the water also means cooling the whole body. Cold feet and wet, sometimes lead us to problems with the urinary tract. Wearing water shoes allows for slower loss of heat on the feet, the feeling is more pleasant, and possible urinary problems are prevented.

Water sports are not always related to summer and heat. They can be practiced in autumn and spring, when the water is significantly colder, the time spent in the water can be longer. Therefore, it is necessary to wear water shoes and prevent excessive loss of foot temperature.

How to choose water shoes:

We have already said that you will choose water shoes, not only as a fashion accessory, by color and model, but by purpose. Professionals will choose professional equipment from specialized materials. Tourists who need water shoes only during the bathing season will be based on:

-material (to be permeable, so that the foot can breathe and dry more easily)

-sole (to be embossed and allow as little slipping as possible)

-durability (a certain level of quality is recommended, so that they do not crack immediately, as soon as you put them on)

-size (must be adequate, not too big to fit, not too small to squeeze)

-price (if you are not a professional, buy cheap water shoes, medium ranking both in quality and in price)


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Sometimes what seems unimportant and secondary to us can play a key role in certain situations. If rubber water shoes save you from slipping, cuts, fungus and stings … then they will be your summer champion and a favorite part of the beach wardrobe. Essentially useful things are more important than fashion and aesthetics and should not be put in the background. So do not go, on the beach and in the water, without water shoes, and you will be convinced of their good sides very quickly.

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