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What is The Difference Between Pod and Vape

It is no secret that our society has been looking for ways to limit and even completely remove the use of hazardous tobacco products. In an effort to do so and find something better, we came up with vaping. Vaping has long been around and for years now it has been considered as the more modern and healthier variety to conventional smoking.

Younger people opt to vape much more these days as they realize the downsides of traditional tobacco products and cigarettes. However, despite the fact that many believe vaping is also not that beneficial to our systems, it is still better than smoking and there is no point in denying otherwise. The market is rich and there is a large and diverse enough audience for numerous products to be made and sold to avid enthusiasts and passionate vapers.

If you wish to learn more about the intricate differences between the various types of vaping gadgets and equipment, you have arrived to the right place. In the article before you we aim to answer the question of what makes pods different that regular vapes. More precisely, we will talk about the seemingly confusing lingo used in the vaping culture and bring the terms like mods, pods, and vapes closer to you. To learn additional information on this and check out some of the best products out there, you should definitely visit here.

Weighing Your Options

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The main differences among the various types of devices used for vaping include size, power, type of e-liquid, and the affordability. Different users prefer different types and none is really better than the rest. It all comes down to personal wishes and habits of the people who use them.

With that being said, the following descriptions will serve as overviews and they are as objective as possible in order for everyone to choose exactly what they need.

Remember that it will take you some time to decide what suits you best and there could be a bad purchase of two along the way until you finally find the vaping gadget that is everything that you had hoped for.

About Pods?

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A pod is a more modern, sleek, and stylish vape that has become popular in recent years. This is the perfect solution for those looking for something smaller and suitable for on the move vaping and a busier lifestyle. These gadgets are more powerful than regular electronic cigarettes and traditional vape pens that came before.

Easy to use and without any hassle, pods run on sub-ohm technology and create vapor on lesser temperatures and with lesser amounts of power than most other gadgets. Nic salts are best used with pods and if you prefer them to juices and liquids, you should definitely purchase a pod as soon as possible. They have more nicotine in them than liquid solutions and are more similar to conventional cigarettes.

About Mods

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Mods, mod boxes, or vapers as they were originally known are the bulkier box-like devices that are used for vaping. Just like pods, they use sub-ohm technology to produce vapor the consumer inhales. It is highly customizable, hence the name, since the parts including the wicks and coils can be moved.

This is how different amounts of power and other mechanics are utilized and how the user can control the power, temperature, and flavor. All in all, they require more skill to use because of this intricate system but they are definitely not challenging nor difficult to vape from.

They are used exclusively for e-liquids and their containers are large enough for more flavors to be mixed and new blends to be made. Strength, flavor, and content of the liquid can easily be changed at any time for a better experience.

Shortcomings and Benefits

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If we had to pick and choose some of the more common problems with the mods, it would be their cumbersome nature that makes it hard for the users to easily stow them away.

The size is not practical which is why pods are much more popular right now. What is more, and to make matters worse for the mods, they are more expensive because of the moveable parts and the whole nature of how they are made. Most supporters carry whole kits with them that include different liquids, cases, accessories, and additional elements.

On the other hand, the pods are closer to electronic cigarettes in terms of affordability and ease of use which makes them the obvious choice for any vaping fan who prefers convenience and pleasure.

They are quickly becoming the go-to solution for newcomers while the long-time vaping community members are also making a switch. When it comes to what you will need and what will give you the best experience, it is a highly subjective matter. As mentioned earlier, preferences vary so you are probably going to have a tough time choosing unless you set your priorities straight first.

For example, if you wish more power, think about a mod. They pack more tech under the hood and their batteries last longer. The casings and all the parts are stronger so higher wattages, more firing power, and faster heating are more often found on them. Alternatively, if you do not care for some lesser power in favor of greater practicality and convenience, aim for the pod every time. You will still be able to fully enjoy your vaping sessions.

There is also a trend for newbies and beginners to start their journey with pods, especially the closed system type that allow for easy changes of disposable cartridges. What is more, people who want to break the habit of smoking regular cigarettes prefer these pods to the chunkier and techier mod vapes. Refillable pods are available too and they are more affordable, but they are not really the ideal choice for somebody completely new to the vaping game. The decision is completely yours and you should base it on factors that matter to you and nobody else since you and nobody else will be using the gadget for years to come.

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