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How Do You Know If a Beer Is a Craft Beer?

People who love beer are familiar with all its types. However, sometimes they are not able to differentiate a craft beer from the regular one. Well, it is quite obvious because it is complicated to know this difference. So, in this article, we will tell you how you can determine if the brew is a craft one or not.

When the liquor is made in small and independent breweries, it is generally termed craft beer. It is known as the traditional way of manufacturing alcohol. These small breweries are not a part of any big corporations. However, our point is to know if the large companies produce craft beers or not.

Many companies label their liquor as craft-made, but this is not true most of the time. It might be any high-quality beverage but not the craft one. Abeervinum.it is a perfect place for all beer lovers. They have various liquors for you to choose from, especially the craft-made ones that are their bestsellers.


Source: homebrewadvice.com

To determine whether liquor is craft-made or not, first, you need to learn about its properties. Some of these characteristics are listed below:

Independent brewery:

It is important to know that craft breweries must be independent or owned by only a few people. In the current scenario in the USA, large company owners cannot have a craft brewery more than 25% unless and until they are themselves a craft-brewer.

Looking at the authenticity:

Craft-made liquors are always made using traditional methods. These breweries do not use corn or rice to accelerate their process.

The process is completely transparent:

The breweries that produce crafted alcohols are transparent with their procedures. It means that you are allowed to go and learn the liquor-producing techniques from them. They will even tell you about all the ingredients that they use.

Creativity is involved:

Source: homebrewadvice.com

The liquor bottles are not left as it is when the beverage is filled in them. Instead, the brewers show their creativity by giving different shapes and designs to the packaging. This brings life to the bottles, and it looks like a genuine hand-crafted liquor bottle.

You will find a lot of innovation in craft-made beers:

The people who own small companies always look for new ideas and innovations. They try to improve or modify the old recipes that they already have. Currently, you will see approximately 150 styles of craft-made beers.

Craft breweries are always connected to the local community:

The small company owners always stay connected with the local people and welcome them to enjoy their breweries. They even engage themselves in donating their products.


Source: renegadebrewing.com

You will find out some key differences when you will compare both the liquors. These differences are listed below for you to determine which one is made by using traditional processes.

There is more taste in craft-made beer than the regular one:

People who have more experience in this field will tell you that the normal beer will taste like water than the crafted one. This is because the brewers use different methods and recipes to bring other properties and unique tastes to the craft-made liquor. These liquors are prepared with a lot more care than the large companies manufacturing the regular brew.

Difference in alcohol content:

Source: homebrewadvice.com

People generally don’t know if the crafted liquors are stronger than the normal ones or not. This is because most of the crafted liquors have higher alcohol content in them than regular brews. However, some craft-made beers may have less alcohol content than the normal, depending upon their type.

Generally, one craft-made alcohols is equivalent to 2-4 regular ones. Therefore, before you think of having a traditionally processed liquor, make sure to check the content of alcohol in it.

Comparison of prices:

If you do not know how to differentiate between a traditionally processed liquor and the regular one, then compare the prices of both liquors. For example, crafted beers are generally more expensive than the normal ones, but you will consume less due to their high alcohol content.

As the amount of alcohol is higher in the crafted liquors, you won’t need much of it. This will automatically save your money that you would spend on drinking the regular beers.

You will find more varieties in craft-made beers:

Source: brewscruise.com

You will not experience so much difference in taste while having different varieties of regular beers. Whereas traditionally processed liquors have a unique flavor in them due to their special recipes. Every time you drink another craft-made alcohol, you will be able to recognize the taste differences in all of them. It is because breweries make a lot of efforts to prepare them, which gives them better results.

Crafted liquor bottles contain a lot of information:

When you look at the packaging of a hand-crafted liquor bottle, you will find a lot of information regarding its origin and vision printed on it. This fact makes it very interesting amongst all the consumers. It means that the manufacturers are very close to their art and care about their crafts. Even if you are seeking your particular favorite craft beer recipe, the brewers can even provide you that.


For beginners, it is hard to differentiate between the traditionally processed liquors and the regular ones. However, if you learn the above point, it can help you determine whether you are drinking a standard beer or the craft-made. So, the next time you visit any brewery, you will be able to make the difference between them.

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