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Is It Legal to Grow Cannabis Seeds in Oklahoma?

As the decades have rolled past, growing cannabis seeds in Oklahoma has gained much traction, and as a result, experienced a major shift culture-wise. It began with a significant alteration to the perception of cannabis and its legality across the United States, with many state governments revisiting their laws pertaining to the use of cannabis in their states. As a matter of fact, the state of Oklahoma conducted a survey in 2013 to determine the public’s opinion regarding the alteration of regulations affecting the use of cannabis seeds in Oklahoma. The poll indicated that over 50% of respondents backed the decriminalization of cannabis in Oklahoma.

Subsequently, State Question 788 was wholly approved by the Oklahoma voters, which in turn, established the “Oklahoma Medical Marijuana and Patient Protection Act” (OMMA) in 2018. This regulation permitted the issuance of medical marijuana licenses, which enables Oklahoma citizens to privately possess small quantities of marijuana.

At this juncture, it should be noted that the new Oklahoma marijuana regulation was in stark contradiction to the Controlled Substances Act in many respects, including OMMA’s distinction between a doctor’s “advice” and “prescription” for a medical marijuana license. This distinction aimed to protect the doctors from potential license revocation or punishment at the federal level. The OMMA also implemented a quality assurance program, which ensures that every package that is sold to customers meets the standards set by the state itself.

Regulations Relating to the Use of the Medical Marijuana

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Oklahoma’s regulatory body that deals with the use of cannabis in the state is the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority. Per the regulations of the state, any individual who receives a medical marijuana license from the state is allowed to use marijuana lawfully. This implies that such a person can possess up to:

  1. 3 ounces (85g)of cannabis;
  2. Six mature marijuana plants. “Mature marijuana plants” is defined by the law as plants that are in the budding stage).
  3. 6 seedling plants (which are also defined as cannabis plants that are in the vegetative stage, and not budding);
  4. An ounce (28g) of concentrated marijuana;
  5. 72 ounces (2,000 g) of edible medical marijuana; and
  6. 8 ounces of marijuana on private property.

The laws regulating cannabis seeds in Oklahoma further provide that the license holders of medical marijuana may legally use such medicinal marijuana only in places that approve the smoking of such tobacco products. On the other hand, edible versions of medical marijuana may be consumed anywhere.

However, as we earlier noted, the state laws regulating marijuana in Oklahoma contradict the federal laws, in the sense that such federal laws state that it is unlawful to possess marijuana in Oklahoma. Therefore, where an individual owns medical cannabis licenses but is present in the territory of Oklahoma on federal grounds or a tribal trust territory, are not immune from the federal laws and therefore, can be prosecuted for unlawful cannabis possession.

How to Qualify as a Patient for Medical Cannabis?


For you to qualify for a medical marijuana license in Oklahoma, you have to be an authorized resident of the state. For patients that want to apply for such a license, they must be 18 years at least. Those below the age of 18 must have a caregiver who is ready to get such a license on the patient’s behalf. Although, the official website of Oklahoma does not give comprehensive information about the requirements that must be fulfilled by a caregiver at the time of application for the license. Nevertheless, at the point of application, the caregiver needs to input the cannabis license number of the patient the caregiver will cater to. The caregiver has to be at least 21 years or older.

Finally, government-issued IDs must be presented, as well as the signed certificate that indicates the verification of the patient’s condition.

How To Purchase Medical Marijuana?

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To get the medical cannabis seeds that you can grow, you need a trusted and popular marijuana distributor, such as the Herbies Head Shop.

Herbies is a successful cannabis seeds distributor that boasts a global operation. Completing over 800,000 orders since its launch in the early 2000s, Herbies has grown to acquire more than 2,000 strains, providing to more than 160,000 monthly web visitors.


Cannabis restrictions are not as strigent in Oklahoma as in other states in the United States, especially for medicinal purposes. However, you need to be discrete when using cannabis for recreational purposes. Sooner rather than later, we hope that all laws restricting the use of cannabis will be removed across the country.

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