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How to Become a Popular Tech Instagram Influencer : Tools and Ways for Beginners in 2024

Are you interested in new technologies, follow modern novelties, and love to write reviews on gadgets? Well, then you’ll definitely be able to become an excellent thematic blogger and win the attention of Internet users who like all this! Generally speaking, topics like new technologies, artificial intelligence, and gadget reviews now occupy a large part of the Internet space. Niche influencers who have gained fame and success in this business not only receive large fees for successful cooperation and/or sponsored advertising but are also known outside of social networks.

At the moment, the best network for creating and promoting a tech page is Instagram. More than 2 billion users visit this platform every month, and among them, of course, is your target audience. But how to achieve a great result? How to make a page design impressive? What promotion methods are working today and what tools should you use to attract new subscribers? Today we’ll answer these questions, as well as tell you about the use of paid boosts from PR companies such as Viplikes for fast, comfortable, and сomprehensive promotion on the platform. With this knowledge, it will be much easier for you to achieve results and form a loyal society. Keep reading!

Why is account design important?

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Before you start creating a promotional strategy, you must prepare the “ground” and make your page as attractive as possible for visitors. We are talking about choosing a nickname, installing a profile picture, and writing a description. All this will affect the future whether users will want to stay on your page or leave it without even reading one post.

Your goal is to capture the visitor’s attention in a few seconds and encourage him to scroll through your feed. Without this, you won’t get far and will never be able to expand your fanbase. So pay attention to this and follow these tips :

  1. The title should be combined with the theme of the page or your personality. Think about what words you associate technology with artificial intelligence, gadgets, or maybe the word “new”? Include them in your name or just write your first and last name. The main idea: don’t make the name long, and don’t write double letters and punctuation marks, this will make it difficult to find your blog.
  1. Write an informative but brief description. There is no need to write very much here; just tell them what your blog is about, who you are, and what you can be interesting to users. This is enough to start with, a little later you’ll be able to make changes if necessary.
  1. Last but not least, pay attention to the profile picture. This is the main photo, which should be of the highest quality and contain bright and memorable elements. Great, if you use an interesting logo or a colorful selfie, try to personalize your photo as much as possible so as not to look like someone else.

What tools and methods of promotion are relevant today?

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1. Cross-promotion

To make your blog more famous in a global sense, you certainly need to go beyond one resource and use others too. Your target audience is everywhere, and it would be good to attract them to your IG page, wouldn’t it? TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. – you can use all these platforms to improve the visibility of the blog.

How to do it? It’s simple, you don’t need any special knowledge or skills for this. So, if you shoot Reels or IGTV (reviews, reviews, or something else), upload them to TikTok or YouTube and leave a link to the original source. Thus, by making just a few clicks, you’ll be able to attract the attention of thousands of people from different sites at the same time. If you focus on text posts, then it’s better for you to post them on Twitter or Facebook, such content is in demand there.

2. Paid services

Every second popular blogger or entrepreneur has used third-party support for their profile at least once; it’s no secret. PR boosts for promotion are used everywhere and in different niches, but their goal remains unchanged – to contribute to improving the image and increasing page ratings. Today you can buy absolutely everything, from likes to shares in groups, while you don’t need to have a large advertising budget (as with the help of an SMM manager or a content maker), but you get some benefits and develop your account much faster.

What should you know about? There are still companies that sell computer bots and fakes under the guise of real interactions. Such services are absolutely unsafe, moreover, they are illegal. That is, you can be banned from the site without being able to restore access to the page. Before making a purchase, be sure to read the reviews of previous customers and find out all the information you need from managers. So you can avoid a lot of problems. But if you don’t want to waste time looking for a good company, just follow the link that we indicated at the beginning of the article – Viplikes specialists will give you full information about the services and help you choose the best package for comprehensive growth. Choose the best companies and then you won’t waste money.

3. Add niche hashtags

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Be that as it may, keywords have been and remain one of the most important tools when promoting a blog. Through tags, users find what they are interested in, while algorithms use them to rank content and recommend them to those who are interested in certain content. That’s why you should add tags to your posts (it doesn’t matter if it’s a text post or a video).

Choose the 5-7 best keywords that describe the subject of your account, and do not overdo it, because no one likes an overabundance of keywords – such posts look like direct advertising and don’t attract readers. That’s all you need at the initial stage, follow these tips you will definitely achieve the desired result. We wish you success!

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