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Which World of Warcraft Class is The Easiest to Play for Beginners?

Have you recently been thinking about starting the exciting saga of WoW, but you have zero ideas about which side to play on, or which class to choose, suitable to your beginner skills? Worry no further, because we will try to break it down to you, in a way, you will be able to decide for yourself, which class is the easiest for you to choose.

Here it goes…

Creating a character to lead and play within this magical world comes down primarily to choose which side to play on, Horde or Alliance? The races that represent the Horde are orcs, trolls, tauren, and undead, and the alliance consists of humans, dwarves, elves, and gnomes.

For players familiar with this game, this is nothing new, and for the rest of you, the history of the Warcraft world is a must-read to better understand the story in the game that has always been an important element of such games. Each class has its own introductory animation and we recommend watching all 9.

Although there are 9 classes (warrior, hunter, druid, wizard, paladin, rogue, warlock, priest, and shaman) not all are available to all races. The two specific classes are paladin and shaman because paladin is only available to races of the Alliance, and shaman of the Horde. The choice of class is very important because your style of play will very much depend on the class you are choosing to play with.

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So, which is the smartest one to choose when you’re a beginner?

While with magic-oriented classes (wizard, priest, and warlock) you will avoid hand-to-hand combat, playing with a warrior you will not have to think much because your responsibilities are clear. You are the first in the group and you play a tank.

Paladins and shamans are great in direct combat and an additional bonus is their magic and they are a must in any more serious group. The hunter will use the domesticated animal as a tank and shoot the enemy with long-range weapons from a distance. You won’t notice Rogue often because his natural surroundings are shadows and the surprise factor is his best friend.

Druid traits are forms (the main ones are human, bear, and feline) and depending on the current form the druid will cast spells, act as a tank or sneak up behind opponents. If the above confuses you, here’s another explanation of the role of the class character, in the gameplay. It will, hopefully, make you choose your character class more easily.

Some of these classes also have healing abilities, which come very handy in group fights where it is necessary to heal their companions as well as themselves. These are priests, paladins, druids, and shamans. Each of these four classes has its advantages as healers, some have greater regeneration of defects and faster healing magic, others have less, and so on.

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Of course, any cleaning group is unthinkable without at least one healer. In contrast to healers, there are classes that serve for the so-called. “tanking”. These are classes that serve to “pull” most of the enemy, or to receive damage, because their characteristics such as dodge, armor, parry, block are much, much higher than other classes (healing or damage-dealer classes).

The best tanking classes are warrior, paladin, druid, although hunters and warlocks have their own tanking heels which serve to redirect the damage of the enemy from their “bosses” to themselves. All other classes that do not belong to these two groups are either exclusively damage-dealing classes or maybe one of the two groups mentioned above.

After you have made your choice of a race and class, you have further options for choosing your character’s gender (male or female) as well as skin color, additional features like earrings for some races, face shape, beard (horns in tauren for example), hair color and hairstyles. When you have done all this, before creating your first hero, you need to think of a cool name for it.

After creating the hero, all you need to do is start your saga through this exciting game. What you will notice when you enter, each race has its own specific starting area from which each person playing this game starts. For example, Humans move from an area called Elwynn Forest.

Of course, like any other game, WoW provides the option of “hint” and “tutorial tips” that will allow you to more easily learn things related to the current progress in the game. So, regardless of your choice of class, and beginner skills, you’ll have all the help you need to progress. If, however, you don’t feel confident at the start, you can visit websites like https://buy-boost.com/wow to purchase boosts which will help your hero progress faster.

Final advice…

Have you ever missed in games the opportunity to create your swords and armor, make potions, or just sometimes want to take a break with a hook and a beloved stick? All this, and a little more is available to you at this amazing game. Moreover, it is advisable to think about the professions as well, when choosing the class for your hero. Here’s why…

Professions are divided into primary and secondary and while you can have only two primary ones, you are not limited to secondary ones. In addition, the primary professions are divided into collecting or creative, because every time you create, you need raw materials, and you procure them through the collecting profession.

Although you are not obliged to take professions that complement each other, our recommendation is that you choose such professions because you will otherwise find it difficult to advance in the creative profession. An alchemist cannot be successful if he does not know anything about herbs.

In the end, we can also conclude that the easiest class to choose also depends on your previous gaming experience. If you have it, you will find it easier to handle characters of class that is considered a bit difficult to handle for beginners in this game.

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