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What Motivates People to Play? Study

The great motivation of people to play games in explains the growing popularity of the gambling industry in Poland. Gambling can become an indispensable part of someone’s life and the reason for such strong devotion is deeply rooted in people’s nature and psychology. There is plenty of scientific research concerning these phenomena. Scientists are eager to find out what pushes people to become passionate gamblers that cannot imagine their life without raising the bet.

What are the stages of developing excitement from casino games?

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A lot of external and internal factors may influence people’s decisions and make getting feelings of thrill from playing casino games for example kasyno-sms habit. The scientists allocated the main stages that create this drive.

Passive influence

It includes articles or blogs about gambling, an advertisement for casino games, or just conversations with friends about it. The successful stories of other people that got big winnings boost newcomers to try it out too.

External triggers

The person that constantly gets notifications and messages with information about games cannot resist the curiosity to explore what casinos may offer.

Internal impulses

The desire to win or have fun, spontaneous decisions and the willingness to become part of the community is the most common inner motives

Active search

Previous experience with the operator and/or game type is the most common reason for choosing the game/operator.

Game experience

People usually talk about big money, pleasure, and special offerings as the main elements of developing a game experience

The outcome of the game

People can win or lose, but the motivation to get the money and spend it on something useful pushes people to get the best out of gambling games.

All in all, this chain of stages works like a systematic sequence and everyone goes through it without noticing the specifics of how the brain reacts to all triggers. So this is how people get on the road that leads to the gambling world, which may affect their lives differently for every individual.

How do people get attracted by casino games?

The decision to start playing online casino games may be influenced by some key things:


The power of advertisement is hard to underestimate. So, casino providers do everything possible to promote their products and make them appealing in the eyes of people. You are most likely to stumble upon the catchy ad on the Internet. This works in the way that people will eventually click on the link to discover what gambling is.

  1. A great number of promotions and bonuses are offered by modern casinos. These attractive offerings evoke interest, so people get curious to find out if is it possible to win a lot of money effortlessly.
  2. The desire to unwind and spend time with pleasure. As a rule, everything starts in a simple way, when the person wants to relax and discover something unusual and entertaining.

What do statistics show?

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According to the relevant statistical data about the influence of marketing on people’s decisions, 45% of respondents constantly see or hear casino advertising, which is a kind of passive influence. About 22% of people were attracted by the offer to play the games from friends. Special offerings during the gaming process which are based on the gaming experience influence only 20% of respondents.

The Appeal of the Casino Environment

When entering a casino, there’s an atmosphere of anticipation that heightens all the senses. People flock to the tables and machines, looking for potential big wins. People are often drawn in by the bright lights and lively sounds. The feeling of being surrounded by people who are likewise in search of a thrilling experience is hard to resist.

In addition to the excitement and high-stakes environment, casino games provide an opportunity for social interaction not commonly found in other forms of gambling. Being able to communicate with others through banter or competing for the best score gives players a sense of camaraderie with each other even as they strive for  their individual success.

For some, playing table games such as blackjack or craps is an activity akin to playing chess – it’s about mastering a certain set of skills and outsmarting opponents in an exciting test of wits; it’s about being part of a game that can offer large payouts should luck pay off; it’s about creating meaningful relationships with those around the table; and it’s about making long-lasting memories along the way.

Strategies for Responsible Gambling

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Playing casino games should be an enjoyable and entertaining pastime, and strategy plays a major role in that. Having an effective strategy is essential to help people maximize the odds of success and minimize losses when playing online or even land-based casino games. As with any other form of recreational gambling, it’s important for players to understand their own attitudes towards risk and exercise responsibility in setting limits for themselves.

Practicing strategies such as self-exclusion is a key factor here, as well as only wagering what you can afford to lose. Educating yourself on the different types of games available is also a helpful way to stay in control of your gaming habits. Understanding the house edge, payout percentages, and other nuances between each game will help you make informed decisions about which has better-winning potential. Applying bankroll management techniques can also be useful for keeping track of how much money you are spending on any particular gaming session.

It’s also important to remember not to chase losses with reckless betting or get too caught up in winning streaks and start increasing wagers beyond reasonable limits; instead, enjoy the game itself by making sure every bet has reasonable potential rewards that are aligned with your betting goals and expectations.


So, the way people get motivated to play casino games is a very complex psychic process. The combination of external and inner triggers defines the person’s behaviors and attitude to gambling to some extent. So, it is necessary to dig deeper into this topic and rely on some proven information to explain why gambling in Poland has become not only a way to pass the time with pleasure but also a very important element of the nation’s culture.

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