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How Does Gelonade Strain Make You Feel? 4 Things All Beginners Should Know

Have you ever tried Gelonade strain? If so, you probably already know how it makes you feel! But for all of you beginners who are still thinking of trying it out, this blog will tell you everything you need to know about the unique effects of Gelonade strain. From its energizing properties to its calming effects, get ready to find out why this particular strain has been gaining popularity in recent years.

Benefits of Gelonade Strain

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The Gelonade strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid that is known for its fruity and tropical flavors and effects that leave users feeling energetic, happy and uplifted. For those looking for relief from stress, depression and chronic pain, the Gelonade strain may be a great option. The combination of its various terpenes give it a wide range of medical benefits as well as enjoyable psychoactive effects.

It is a powerful sativa-dominant hybrid that should be enjoyed in moderation by experienced users due to its strong effects. In terms of its aroma, this strain offers up an intoxicating array of sweet and tropical aromas ranging from mango to pineapple to orange zest with hints of diesel undertones upon exhale. Meanwhile, its flavor profile is similarly tropical with notes of peach, passionfruit and tangerine.

When it comes to effects, those who use it will find an intense euphoric feeling coursing through their body accompanied by creative thoughts and openness. Users have reported feelings of relaxation that can last anywhere from two to three hours while this strain may also help ease muscle tension across the body due to its calming characteristics. Generally speaking, when taking it in moderate doses it typically offers users relief from mental stress as well as physical discomfort without any sedative characteristics in higher doses — making it widely accessible for daytime or nighttime use.

Side Effects of Gelonade Strain

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Gelonade is a hybrid with a phenotypic ratio of 70% sativa and 30% indica. With its unique terpene profile and higher than average THC concentration, Gelonade can have direct effects on the mind, body and mood.

First-time users should be aware that consuming the wrong amounts of Gelonade can lead to adverse side effects. Possible side effects include:

-Dizziness: At high doses, Gelonade may cause users to feel dizzy or off balance which can lead to disorientation or feelings of intoxication.

-Lethargy: It has sedative properties which can make users groggy or unwilling to move around much. That’s why medical users may find it helpful for treating chronic fatigue, insomnia, muscle spasms and other conditions associated with lack of energy.

-Anxiety: If not used in moderation, the sativa component in this strain can cause some people mild anxiety or paranoia. Users who are predisposed to anxiety should take caution when using this strain as these symptoms could potentially worsen under high doses.

-Dryness: Gelonade is known for producing dry mouth and dry eyes in most users due its lower than average moisture levels. Dehydration risk is increased when smoking this strain so making sure you remain hydrated is essential for mitigating these side effects

How to Use Gelonade Strain

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It is a hybrid strain that combines two classic varieties, Gelato and Lemon Tree. It has strong sweet, lime, and orange aromas, with hints of wood and pine. The effects are mentally energizing and uplifting. Beginners should know that this strain produces a powerful euphoric high that boosts energy levels and helps to reduce anxiety. The effects usually last for a few hours before fading away into a pleasant calm.

When using this kind of cannabis, beginners should start off with a low dose to gauge their reaction. A smaller dose will produce more subtle effects and can be taken throughout the day with no psychoactive-induced sleepiness as one might expect from stronger varieties like sativa strains or certain edibles.

But it is important to exercise caution when consuming it in any form; this includes smoking, vaping or eating edibles too quickly. Unfamiliar customers have reported feeling other effects such as dizziness or paranoia after taking too much on their first try due to its potent THC content ranging from 20-26% depending on how it’s grown and what kind of extraction processes were used . Additionally, this strain contains around 1% CBD so there may be some mild pain-relieving benefits as well.

Finally, novice users should also note that Gelonade provides an uplifting cerebral experience suitable for those looking for an increase in creativity or an extra boost of energy during the day – although it does come in at very high levels of THC which means it’s best enjoyed in the evening (especially if you’re new).

Things All Beginners Should Know

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For those new to the world of Gelonade strain, it can be somewhat intimidating. There are so many strains available that it can be difficult to know where to start. Here are some things all beginners should know about Gelonade strain in order to make the most out of their experience:

It is often classified by its effects on the body and mind. Strains can produce different effects such as relaxation, pain relief, increased creativity, increased energy, and more. Be sure to research each strain you’re considering before trying it for yourself.

This type of strain can also vary in potency based on how it’s grown and harvested. Some strains are more powerful than others, so begin with a milder strain until you become comfortable with the effects.

When consuming edibles or concentrates such as oils, tinctures, or waxes take note that they tend to take longer to produce effects than smoke or vape varieties do due to metabolism of THC into the bloodstream.

Start slow and gradually work your way up when trying a new product if necessary; however, many products are designed for beginner use so their dose is lower than concentrates like oils or tinctures so please read product labels for expiration dates prior to use and always check with an experienced user for any questions or concerns before consuming any product. Experimenting too quickly may lead to unpleasant experiences from over indulgence.


Overall, Gelonade is an excellent hybrid strain for those looking to experience all the benefits of a Sativa with some of the unique characteristics shared by Indicas. It’s an uplifting mood enhancer with subtle body effects that make it ideal for anyone that needs some extra help soothing stress and relaxing tensions in their daily life. It’s easy growth makes it accessible for novice growers, which when combined with its great taste makes this hybrid cannabis a favorite choice among many connoisseurs across the world.

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