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9 Rakhi Gift Ideas to Surprise Your Younger Brother Who Loves Sports

Brothers and sisters have always had a special bond and a deeper connection. They have looked upon each other, wouldn’t you agree? When we talk about that kind of relationship, there is a festival in Hindu culture that celebrates this special bond, even though not many people are familiar with it – Raksha Bandhan, also known as Rakhi. Have you heard of it before? Either way it may be just keep on reading and understand all there is to it in the article down below!

What is Rakhi?

Rakhi – a festival, which praises brotherhood and love, is celebrated on the full moon day of the Hindu month of Sravana (July or August, depending on the lunar calendar). This year, it is going to take place on 21 August. Rakhi is a bracelet (a kind of talisman), made of red and golden interwoven beads and threads, which sisters tie around their brothers’ wrists to celebrate the relationship between them. Exchange of gifts is an important part of this long tradition and if you are not sure what to give to your younger brother, we’ve come up with some ideas for you!

9 Rakhi Gift Ideas to Surprise Your Younger Brother Who loves Sports

1. Playful Sports Mug

Source: insider.com

Your brother’s breakfast will never be boring again with this interesting and intriguing mug. Now your brother can have a lot of fun while enjoying his favorite cup of tea or while eating his cereal. He can choose to throw a sugar cube (in case he needs sugar in his tea) through the net, which is on one side of the mug, or he can simply throw a cereal through it, although it may not sound amusing to throw food around. Nevertheless, there will be no boring meal with this mug.

2. Duvet and Pillowcase Set

Everyone usually has these strange dreams of becoming a successful and famous football or basketball player. With this duvet and pillowcase set, your brother will feel like a real one – it looks like he is kicking the ball into the goal or in the net. After all, it is his choice whether he wants to be a football or basketball player and as an older sibling, you can make his dreams come true.

3. His Favorite Player’s Jersey


Source: fraziercan.blogspot.com

If you want to play it safe, then you should go with this one. It is a wide known fact that boys have always looked upon their favorite players and now it is your chance to allow him to feel like one of them, wearing his favorite jersey.

4. Tickets to a Game

Knowing your brother is into games, you can always choose to take him to one of those. Whether it is a football, basketball, baseball, or tennis game, he would probably be happy to go to some of these.

5. Lawn Bowling Skittle Ball Game

Source: amazon.com

Since we still live in an era of pandemics and being in places where a lot of people gather is not advisable (bowling arena is one of those), you can choose this lawn bowling skittle ball game for your brother’s Rakhi present. He can enjoy his very own bowling set, without having to wait in line and he can play it as many times as he wants. In case it is raining or snowing, you can move the bowling set into your house, but try not to break your mom’s vase.

6. Giant Inflatable Basketball Hoop

If your brother is a fan of swimming, along with his passion for sport, then this gift may be just right for him. This portable inflatable basketball set can be taken with him everywhere; to a pool, lake or sea. It is not hard to make it work and ready to use – just use the pump to inflate it and when you are done with playing, use the same pump for deflating. Super easy, yet super fun.

7. 10-in-1 Game Table

Source: wdesertraja.com

Not being able to go outside and enjoy a good game with his friends (since the pandemic is still going on) might be difficult for your younger brother. However, he can enjoy playing various kinds of sports without having to leave the house. This 10-in-1 game table gives you a chance to enjoy a versatility of games – football, ping pong, shuffleboard, air hockey, and many more. Moreover, your brother will need someone else on the other side of the table to play against (or with), so you can also enjoy this 10-in-1 game table.

8. A color-your-own football ball

Regular football balls are no longer fun and it is time to take a step forward. A color-your-own football ball is a new way for your brother (or anybody else) to express their creativity. The ball comes with ten markers in different colors. You can use it indoors or outdoors. However, after some time, the colors will not be bright the way they used to be, but it is a new chance to make a new piece of art on your football ball.

9. Sport Stress Balls

Source: superzoutlet.com

Dealing with stress can be difficult for everyone, but stress balls can always be a good companion in these situations. You can buy them as a set, consisting of twelve different sports balls (football, basketball, tennis, baseball, etc.) or you can choose to buy each of these individually. While squeezing a stress ball, our nerves and muscles are stimulating, which makes them stronger, but also helps us to release and get rid of the stress.

Where to find more ideas for Rakhi gifts?

So, how do you feel about our list and recommended ideas? Have you learned something new? To know when Rakhi 2024 is being celebrated, click here and enjoy the detailed list & explanation. Giftstoindia24x7 has a lot of items that can be delivered to your doors. There are already prepared gifts and personalized gifts where everyone will easily find something that suits them, their needs, and their brother’s preference.

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