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Dress Up For Fun In The Sun: Must-Have Styles For Your Summer Wardrobe

Summer is the best time to explore the outdoors, only if one remembers to apply enough sunscreen. It is the time that nature is usually at its full peak, and the wilds are tempting. However, dressing up and deciding what to wear on various occasions can be tricky for some people. It is important to dress up appropriately for the sun, as much as it is to take care of fashion and styling as well.

With occasions ranging from going to the beach, to a brunch party, there are different aspects of styling that one needs to understand and follow. From choosing the right fabric to getting the most comfortable fits, the list could go on. For instance, one needs to pair up some of the best beach dresses for your coastal trips with the proper swimwear, to maximise the fun during the trip. There are many online and offline outlets where you could buy some of the best pieces of clothes ever.

If you too are not sure how to style your wardrobe for the summer, then you have stumbled upon the right page. The following article would help you, and guide you to make a sane and sorted decision to pick out the best and must-have styles for your summer wardrobe:

A Pair Of Faded Jeans

Source: stylegirlfriend.com

An age-old classic, this one could – almost – never go wrong. A pair of jeans that snugs your body just perfectly could be layered and worn with almost anything and everything. It is a perfect choice and a must-have piece of fashion that everyone should own. It could be paired with a top, a crop top, or an oversized shirt. Simply said, it could be your go-to choice when the situation does not require you to be too dolled up and still look elegant in every sense.

Whites Never Go Out Of Style

Especially when it’s all bright and shiny out there. White and light-coloured clothes would keep you airy and keep the ventilation flowing, as they are known to absorb less heat from the Sun. They also look classy and stylish, if one understands the basics of how to style them. You can pair anything white, be it a pair of trousers, or a classic white shirt, with something white or light as well. It’s a simple rule, pair the lights with the lights in summer, and do not overcomplicate it. A light-coloured shirt, a pair of white jeans and minimal accessories are the best look for an outing, a brunch, or maybe a trip to the airport. It’s a versatile choice that you cannot miss this season.

Quality Investment: A Beige Jacket

Whilst discussing the styles for summer, it is also important to keep them lowkey and soft. And a beige jacket could be a brilliant choice for this. Imagine you are en route to dinner with friends and are wearing a brilliant outfit. But you feel something is missing. A jacket in such situations could make the fit feel complete, adding more volume and character to the style. And beige is the colour of the season. It is known to be a classic choice by many, simply because the colour is usually associated with high class and comfort.

A Long, Flowy Dress

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A long, flowy dress could help you elevate the fashion element to the level that you are looking for. It is a safe option, preferred by many, but not styled appropriately by all. Though it is near impossible to get this one wrong, sometimes some people do. Especially when they are not using the right accessories or shoes to go with the dress. There are many ways to style it, but the simplest and most efficient way would be keeping it simple, like pairing it with a nice pair of low flats if you are out for a longer while, and around the places where the trails are treacherous, along with a mid-sized body bad and maybe a Victorian hat, if stepping in the Sun. It’s that easy and quick.

Neutral Shirts And Tops

Shopping for more neutral shades for the season is a great way to kickstart the preparations for the upcoming hot months. These shirts and tops could be paired with jeans, shorts, or skirts. Simply saying, it is going to save you so much time from the selection process over the millions of prints and patterns that are available in the market, and also make you look good. Just try to make sure that the fabric is heat suitable and tolerant, and does not make you feel uncomfortable, or is super tight to the skin.

Some Additional Tips:

Source: www.instyle.com

Choosing The Right Shoes

There are various types of shoes and footwear available in the market to make decisions. However, it is best if you buy at least a few pairs, which are neutral and versatile so that you won’t have to match every outfit with your footwear. Summers are to wander around, to frolic and to have fun, and heeled footwear could take the fun away pretty easily. Make sure to invest in some flats as well, so that your frolic and adventures don’t stop.

The Fabric Of Clothes

Before buying anything, make sure that the fabric is a good choice for the hot and humid months. You would not want your dresses to stick to your skin, and give you summertime sadness. Instead, try to look for clothes which have more cotton content in them. This way, you are not only buying beautiful outfits but also making sure that you are ready to tackle the summer heat.


Hats, bags, sunglasses, and cologne are the accessories that you need to look for and grab before they are all sold out. These are a great way to elevate a simple dress and make it a showstopper.


Source: media.glamour.com

If chosen carefully, your summer wardrobe could be a trendsetter and become the talk of the town. Be wise, bold, and beautiful in your fashion statements.

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