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6 Pros and Cons of Traveling with Your Cat

We don’t always live in our home. Sometimes we have to go to meet our grandparents or other relatives living in other cities. And sometimes we travel for fun. Whatever it is, it becomes difficult to move if you have pets especially cats. You cannot leave them at home because they have to eat and drink. And what if they get sick? No one would be there to look after it.

Therefore, the only solution you are left with is to take the cat with you. And to make the trip safe, you have to pay more attention to the food and medications while packing the stuff. But before that, you need a bag or carrier in which you have to place the pet. mainecoonhawaii.com provides the best cat carriers be sure to visit their website.

These carriers will make sure that the cat remains safe and also comfortable during travel time. Furthermore, the see-through sides let you see the cat and vice versa. Thus, you won’t have to worry about holding it while driving or making sure that it doesn’t run away in the plane.


1. You won’t worry about them

The biggest thing that worries people when they are away from home is the safety of their pets. So if you are taking it with you, you won’t worry about them. Moreover, you can enjoy a better time instead of making calls to make sure the cat has eaten the food.

Even if you leave the cat at your friend’s place, their pets might not get along well with yours. Besides, your pet will likely get depressed while missing you. This will make them sick and you will worry for them. However, if you take them along, all your worries will be gone. You can look them up whenever you want.

2. Spend happy time together

You can make memories together if your cat is with you during the holiday. Vacations are not only healthy for humans but also pets. They can spend some good time in the pure nature and can feel refreshed. Furthermore, they are cute and make you feel good.

So what would be better than having a company of a loved one? In addition to this, both of you can avoid the anxiety and stress of being separated from each other. And they can also become your picture partner. You can take photos together with your pet.

3. Enjoy your longer vacations

If you take your pet along, you do not have to worry about the vacation time. For example, you have a plan of going to several places for a month or more. It would be hard for you to leave the pet behind. Moreover, no one else can take care of someone’s pets for a long time.

So if you take the pet along with you, there will be no need to hurry back home. Spend as much time as you want. Enjoy longer vacations. Stay away from home for a month or half a year. Go anywhere you want without anything holding you back.


1. It can get expensive

Although there are numerous benefits of traveling with pets and you can get good company but it is expensive. You have to pay extra for the cost of your flight, hotel and event bookings. Moreover, you have to spend more time looking for places that allow pets to stay. Because there are hotels that do not allow pet entrance. And the ones that allow, they ask for some extra cost.

Likewise, if you want to take your pet on board, you have to take care of that too. Moreover, you have to pay more for the flight and the hotel room.

2. Pets can interrupt your plans

If you are traveling through an airline, there are certain conditions. Some airlines ask you to get a health certificate of your pet from the veterinarian. So if your airline asks for it, it might get troublesome, so do check this before booking your tickets.

Moreover, pets have a set schedule for eating, pooping and sleeping. But when you travel to a faraway place, their schedule gets disturbed. Thus, they will get anxious and annoyed. This will affect your travel time. Besides, you have to take care of their poop time. Thus, you will have to carry poop bags along.

In addition to this, there are limitations to traveling locations. There are beaches, parks and other tourist attractions that do not allow the entry of pets. That is why you might have to leave them at the hotel or have to skip that place.

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3. Every place is not safe for them

Sometimes new places make your cat feel unsafe and anxious. Especially heights and unfamiliar environments. Traveling through a place might be a good choice for you but not for your cats. Some cats feel ill because of the altitude difference.

Even without it, if your cat is habitual of living freely, it won’t be right for you to put it in the carrier for a long time. You cannot let it sit in your lap and sitting in the carrier will increase stress. So if you have a plan of going on a vacation, start practicing right now.

Doing something for the very first time is a risky thing. You do not know what could come forth. Your cat might become ill if you go to a mountainous area. Likewise, a hotter or colder region will also affect their health if they are not habitual of living in that.

Final words…

If you love your cat and want to take her along, you should better be careful. The most important thing that you should do is to take her to the vet. Go through a thorough check-up and make sure your cat will remain safe during the travel. Pack her favorite treats and poop bags too.

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