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Winslow State Park

Winslow State Park – Delightful Picnic Areas

Located within the Mt. Kearsarge State Forest, Winslow State Park is home to one of the most delightful picnic areas in all of the state.

Situated on a 1,820-foot plateau, the area provides visitors with breathtaking views of Mt. Sunapee, Ragged Mountain, the White Mountains, and, in the distance, some of the taller peaks of central Vermont.

From the park, visitors are only a mile-long hike away from the peak of Mt. Kearsarge, which boasts of panoramic views that can stretch as far away as Boston.  The park is named after the Winslow House, a 19th century hotel owned by the commander of the Civil War-era USS Kearsarge, Admiral John Winslow.

The Kearsarge became famous when it defeated the Alabama, a confederate ship, off the coast of France.  This victory helped to dissuade European countries from becoming involved with the war.  Because of this, Admiral Winslow became a national hero and the USS Kearsarge a national icon.

Though nothing is left of the hotel besides a hole where the cellar once was, the memory of the admiral remains for anyone interested in our nation’s history, and the park remains an attraction for anyone who would also like to take in the full magnificence of the mountains of New Hampshire.


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