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How To Choose The Right Size For Your Plunge Pool

You don’t want to swim all day, but you want to relax and do some hydrotherapy? Plunge pools are for you. Plunge pools aren’t meant to be swimming pools but for relaxation, and maybe low-impact exercises. It’s a small pool in your backyard, developing a touch of luxury by itself.

That’s not all! Its installation requires many concerns. You need to pick a place where you want it installed, what shape, what size, as well materials for developing this pool. Materials are a very important part of the installation. Pick the right material to be sure your kids and other family members don’t hurt themselves while playing around the pool.

The right pool size for your family

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We assume people have big backyards and a big family. We will list families that count from eight to six and less than six family members so you can see which one you should pick. Before picking a pool, think about your pets as well. You would want to utilize it for every family member and pets too. Just make sure you choose one that you find practical and designed just for your family.

Six to eight people – this pool should be the size of an 18 foot by 36. It’s recommended size for this one. You don’t want a crowd, but you want everyone to have fun and play games. Choosing a shape is up to you, but we recommend a rectangle shape for this one. Less than six people – we recommend the size of a 16 foot by 32. This size would allow your family to free-roam around the pool and relax on a sunny day. The shape doesn’t matter too much now. You better make something attractive.

We’re aware of someone not having too much space in his backyard. He might have a backyard occupied by his dogs. For this sort of people, we recommend a pool with the size under 14 foot by 25. It will allow you to relax after an unpleasant working day.

There are plunge pools designed for swimming, but it’s low-impact swimming. This pool should be under 25 feet long for making it possible to do a full swimming lap. We recommend you pick a rectangle shape for this one. You don’t dare to think that smaller pools cost you less. It isn’t the case, unfortunately. Plunge pools are much more expensive than many people think, even if they look smaller than regular swimming pools.

How to choose the right size?

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Well, it isn’t that easy, we know. That’s why we’re here to help you out and make sure you don’t make an awful choice. Along with us, we have professionals who make sure we consult you right. Check this website to find help with choosing: www.compassnewcastle.com.au. Ask yourself questions, and you’ll get the final answer. How come? You would want everyone satisfied with your pool and its practicality.

Does anyone want to swim long laps in your pool? Well, that’s the first question you should ask yourself. If the answer is yes, then don’t pick plunge pools. They’re meant to be pools for relaxation and low-impact swimming and exercises, not for athletic swimming or any other sport requiring too much space.

Do you want all your family members to be in the pool? Family comes first, as always. You need to decide what the right size for it depending on the number of members. Don’t forget you have a list mentioned above so make sure you pick the right one.

Relaxation or fun? What’s the purpose? You don’t want people just relaxing in your pool for thirty minutes and getting back to the house, do you? Pick a size with which you can accommodate people but have enough space to play water games and have fun at the same time. Don’t forget that you might want to relax alone sometimes so make it at your will.

Outdoor or in-door?

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Picking the right size for a plunge pool doesn’t mean always picking for an outdoor pool. You can have it inside your house now. Doesn’t it sound perfect? Especially for people who live in cold places. Picking the right size for your plunge pools now has different options. Measure your indoor space so you can make it look pretty and design it to be practical. Indoor pools usually don’t give you the chance to swim. You can relax only, enjoy the view if it’s next to the big window and that’s all. It isn’t bad at all. You should be proud to have a pool inside your house, next to the window with the panoramic view, and enjoying your wine.


It’s possible with plunge pools too. You should pick the right size depending on what you want to do in it. Plunge pools can be useful for low-impact exercises such as cardio training, swimming small laps, and things similar to these. Think of how many people you will have in the pool while exercising. There can’t be enough space for more than three people because they’re usually small pools and you’ll make a crowd in it if you invite more people. Rectangle shapes are used for this purpose and it’ll be great if you stick to that recommendation.

With plunge pools, you can have peace of mind and you don’t need anyone to be next to you so you can relax and let your negativity out. Why don’t you start searching right now? We left you a suggestion up there so you can check it out. The Compass Pool Centre Newcastle has more tips and we’re sure you’ll find help right there. Stick to your plan and talk to your family members about the pool. They might get something to say too.

Maybe you didn’t prepare yourself for everything. Find professional assistance, it might cost you, but you’ll find it cost-effective in the end. Have fun in your pool!

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