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Roulette Wheel

Are All Casino Roulette Wheels the Same?

Roulette is an exciting casino game to try for non-gamblers. Many individuals think that every spinning device used in this casino game is quite the same. But before you try it, you must know different wheel types and understand how they work. The wheel plays a crucial role in determining the bets in the entire game.

The number distribution on every wheel type is different; hence, the Roulette rules also vary. While participating in online casino slots, you may unknowingly not determine the difference and lose bets. Therefore, it is essential to determine everything about this game along with devices used while betting.

This write-up consists of all the relevant information regarding Roulette that a beginner player must know. Your betting style will also change when you know about different wheel types. Explore more regarding the spinning device and plan your bets accordingly.

Use of Roulette Wheel


This game is completely dependent on the wheel with the red and black pattern along with random numbers written on it. There is a random number sequence that varies on different wheels. You must not call the sequence random because there is an unknown pattern of even, odd, low, and high numbers.

The presence of sequence is to confuse players with no experience. But all the experienced players learn the pattern and place bets accordingly. The red and black pattern and even odd numbers are mentioned adjacently in every wheel type.

You can consider all the low numbers mentioned between 1 and 18 and all the high numbers mentioned between 19 and 36. But you can expect an imbalance in the wheel of American roulette.

Different Wheel Types


American roulette

This game wheel includes 38 pockets with two green and other are of red and black. Two numbers, i.e., 0 and 00, are mentioned in the green wheel pockets and are positioned in opposite directions.

You must check the number pattern by one unit difference in the opposite-positioned numbers. For example, you will notice number 4 is opposite to 3, and their difference is one unit. The wheel rotates by keeping pocket 0 at the top.

On the left side, you will see 19 to 35 odd-type numbers and 2 to 18 even-type numbers. The opposite case is with the right side. With experience, you can easily memorize all the numbers. With the green pocket of 00, the better chances of getting a house edge increase. It helps in building the advantage for casinos by 5.26%.


European roulette

In this roulette wheel, you will find 37 pockets, on which numbers are written from 1 to 36. There is only one green pocket with a 0 number. It is placed inside the wheel, and all the mentioned numbers are placed outside the device.

There are better chances of getting even-number bets along with a zero. Its house edge is around 2.70%. There is a specific number pattern along with colors. You will notice that all the odd-type numbers are properly mentioned in the red pockets and even in the black in the range of 1 to 10 and 19 to 28.

In the rest of the numbers, the pattern is pretty different. Many people also make French bets, i.e., Tiers du Cylindre, on this wheel for winning the bet. There is a list of specific random numbers that you require to learn. These French bets could make only European wheels and not the American wheel.


French roulette

The wheel is similar to the European, but its continental version is considered French. Total pockets are also the same, i.e., 37. When you inspect it closely, you will find it quite apparent from all the mentioned numbers.

But the green one is a variant that is also considered a zero. The number arrangement is also different; hence, you are required to check everything before placing the bet.

But it is quite easy to recognize the pattern because the number grid is placed horizontally. On the top, you have options of high as well as even numbers written in black. The opposite ones are placed at the bottom in red.

The player must consider their betting types as their names will be mentioned in French. There is no 00 pocket; hence, the house edge remains at 2.7%. There is a rule of En Prison, in which the house edge is 1.35%.


casino wheel

It is a combination of two wheels, i.e., French and American. In the beginning, such games get more attention from gamblers, but now, there is only one 0 pocket, and the game follows the American pattern.

You can see these wheels in different states of the United Kingdom. Ensure to check that the O position is never consistent in this game. In many cases, you can find it in the range of 2 to 28. In rare cases, it can also happen in numbers from 26 to 32. Due to the absence of a pocket 00, a 2.7% house edge is there.

Due to the La Partage rule, the house edge becomes 1.35%. These rules are rarely seen in the US, but it is quite common in Atlantic City. Many individuals mistake the hybrid wheels for other options and lose their bet. Before you place any bet, it is essential to determine the roulette rules and the wheel type.

The Bottom Line

Now every roulette wheel is pretty much the same in different casinos. You must determine the working of different wheel types in Roulette, including its rules and terms. If you play online, you will get all the options, but you can start once you know everything regarding the game ultimately.

The wheels look the same, but the sequence and the HE make the difference. If you are a non-experienced player, you may get confused and make wrong decisions.

You must avoid this situation and try to play the game with complete knowledge and experience. But nothing is wrong if you are trying to play this game without experience. But you must make smaller bets and learn Roulette thoroughly.

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