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Who Are Independent Escorts and How Do They Work

Who Are Independent Escorts and How Do They Work?

The escort business is an old trade that has been in existence since time immemorial. It initially involved hiring women for sexual intimacy, especially when traveling. So, the business used to thrive in major cities, especially near hotels, motels, and other busy places.

Fast forward to today and the escort industry has evolved with both women and men offering escort services, mostly by promoting themselves online. They primarily use escort directories and social media platforms, especially if they are independent. So, who are independent escorts and how do they work?

An independent escort is a female or male model who does not work under any agency to provide a variety of companion services such as sex, massage, fetishes, accompanying their clients when going out, and more.

Services Offered by Independent Escorts

Services Offered by Independent Escorts
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As hinted at, there are many services offered by independent escorts. They typically mention all of the services they offer on their profile where one model may just be offering some services and not others. Typically, these escorts offer the following services:

  • Sexual intimacy – Most escorts offer sexual intimacy as the main job. The extent of the sexual adventure depends on what they are comfortable offering, and they usually mention it on their profile when advertising their services. This may include role play, vaginal and anal sex, oral sex, and much more.
  • Body massage – One of the most common roles of independent escorts is to massage their clients. In fact, many of them are trained masseuses who go beyond the normal massage to create erotic fantasies for their clients. They may offer specialized massages depending on their experience.
  • Web chats – We are in a rapidly-evolving world and web chats have increased in use, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. Many independent escorts are open to having erotic chats with their clients for tips or a certain amount of money per hour. They offer a lot of sexual-related services such as the use of sexual toys, dirty talk, and other fetishes.
  • Companionship – Unlike those who work under agencies, independent escorts are more open to traveling, going out, and offering companionship to their clients in any other way. Most of the time, these escorts can accompany their client for dinner, drinks, and even business errands.
  • Local guides – Local independent escorts are often used by clients as guides to take them around the city. Therefore, they are knowledgeable about the area, especially if they have been living there. The best thing is that they are paid for every hour they spend with the clients.

How Do Independent Escorts Work?

How Do Independent Escorts Work
Source: independent.co.uk

Many independent escorts offer the services we have mentioned and many others. They mainly work by advertising their services on escort directories that are common in all countries around the world. These are independent websites that allow escorts to create profiles and list their service charges and photos. Perhaps you have come across the popular escort websites in your area where you can peruse different models and pick the one you want.

Furthermore, they also aggressively advertise their services on social media platforms where many people can find them. Instead of using their individual profiles, they prefer to use dedicated independent escort groups and pages where many clients flock to pick their preferred models. The good thing with social media is that one can quickly engage a client and agree on how to hook up immediately. They are also location-based, so you will be quickly exposed to clients who are nearby.

How Can Clients Find Independent Escorts?

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It’s pretty easy and straightforward to find an independent escort. However, it is a sensitive process that you need to do carefully to enjoy your moment with the model of your dreams. So, we will take you through the process.

  • Choose an appropriate platform – If you want a reliable independent escort who will give you the best services, it is good to start by checking the right places. Therefore, look for a reputable escort directory or social media website page to see a list of escorts near you. Of course, you need an escort you can hook up with immediately. The good thing with these platforms is that they vet the independent escorts they list to ensure that they all provide the services they promise and give the client an incredible time.
  • Peruse all models – Some escort directories are quite elaborate but they often categorize their escorts by ethnicity, body type, fees, or any other. This makes it easier for you to filter the type of model you want and choose one. As you do this, it is good to check all the services offered to ensure that you are hiring the right escort.
  • Check the charges – One thing you need to check well is the charges listed by the independent escorts. They usually charge per hour, although many of them also list prices per whole day or a weekend. When you are sure of this, it is easier to plan your budget and avoid any disagreements with the escort when you eventually hook up.

How to Book and Meet an Independent Escort

Booking involves calling and planning to meet an escort of your dreams. Once you have identified one, all you need to do is contact them using their declared telephone number or email. Sometimes, chatting with them through the provided number is faster.

Remember to show respect to the escort to avoid a bad start with the model. Sometimes, they may even request to cancel if they realize that you are disrespectful when reaching out to them.

Another important consideration to make is that escorts collect their money in cash as soon as you meet. This not only motivates them to offer the most memorable companionship and other services but also secures that business. You can hand them their fee in an envelope and confirm everything before you start the adventure and fun.

Final Word

As you can see, it is pretty easy to hire independent escorts anywhere in the world, including Australia, the USA, the UK, Canada, and all other parts of the world. Most of them can be found through escort directories and social media platforms where they advertise their services.

All you need to do is check your preferred model and book using the process we have mentioned. Now that you know, it is time to enjoy their services.

Since being intimate with an escort is usually for one night, we recommend you read our article that will help you navigate the world of one-night stands and learn some unwritten rules.

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