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Recovery is The Road to a Better Life

Detox centers have become a necessity in this age because a large number of people have become addicted to various vile substances due to their easy availability. Drugs and alcohol are so harmful to the human body that it may take days or even months to completely get rid of toxins from one’s body and become healthy again. The duration that it takes for the body to recover depends on the following factors:

  • The type of drug that was being injected into the body.
  • The length of time during which the drug kept being used.
  • Amount of substance used at a particular time; dosage.
  • Method of taking the substance; swallowing, injecting, snorting, or smoking.
  • The physical and mental health of the patient.
  • Genetic makeup and family history.

Detoxification is considered a relatively safe process if done in a proper detox center as it is continuously monitored by professional medical staff, however, things can go severely downhill if one chooses to carry out the detox process at home. This is why it is much better for the health and safety of an individual if he opts for professional help.

The detox process starts with the evaluation of an addicted individual. The medical staff carries out a thorough screening process to check the medical history as well as the present condition of the patient. Furthermore, the doctor takes a blood sample to check the types and amount of drugs present in the body so that treatment can be devised accordingly.

The next step is stabilization where the doctors use medical and psychological therapy to stabilize the patient and avoid any kind of harm that may threaten his health. Withdrawal symptoms can be severe in some cases including vomiting, poor sleeping patterns, mood swings, anxiety, sweating, and pain in muscles. Doctors also prescribe medications to lessen the severity of these symptoms. In the final step, the treatment process is then prepared and the patient is made familiar with his entire plan to keep him in the loop as to what he should expect during the whole ordeal. Find more info.

During withdrawal, various physical and mental symptoms are faced by the patients and detox centers provide complementary services to help relieve the stress and pain that the patients have to go through. This aspect is called holistic healing therapy and it focuses on the treatment of the body, mind, and spirit for the sound health of the patient. Holistic healing therapy may contain any of the following methods that prove highly suitable for the healing process.

1. Acupressure

Source: dubaihealthnews.com

This is a healing technique whose origin is Chinese. It is sometimes used along with acupuncture which is why it is called acupuncture without the needles. It is said to help in the release of muscle tension. As the Chinese are spiritual and superstitious people, they believe that invisible energy lines are flowing through our bodies and they connect various parts of our bodies.

The energy points are called acupoints and pressure is applied on these points that help in the easy flow of blood throughout the body. For example, a headache may be relieved by applying pressure on the acupoint present in the foot. Furthermore, the pressure that is applied on acupoints helps to release the negative energy stored in the body as a result of stress or an illness. Acupressure provides a sense of inner peace to the sufferer.

2. Barre

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This is a type of physical workout that is usually done in groups. It is inspired by ballet dancing and the ballet techniques are incorporated with some low impact exercises such as Pilates, strength training, or yoga to create a complete workout method. Barre helps to restore kinetic acuity as well as body flexibility, balancing, and stability of the patient. Furthermore, barre is usually carried out in studios or groups classes in the gym.

3. Yoga

Source: naturalhealthwoman.com

It is an ancient form of exercise of Indian origin. Yoga focuses on specific postures and deep breathing techniques to increase the flexibility and stability of the patient’s body. Yoga can be done by people of all ages as it offers mental and physical benefits, however, if an individual has suffered a terrible injury or gone through any surgery then yoga can prove to be a highly useful and integral part of his healing process.

For example, it helps to reduce lower back pain from techniques like cat-cow pose where the back muscles are stretched and the person feels very relaxed. Ancient Indians held the belief that yoga creates a connection between physical and spiritual aspects of the human body. Whichever aspect yoga is viewed from, it can be noted that it helps in the overall healing of the body whether it is physical, mental, or spiritual. Due to its effectiveness, yoga has become quite popular in western culture.

4. Mindfulness

Source: healio.com

The process of maintaining a sense of self-awareness at all times is called mindfulness. The constant experience of self-awareness helps a person take note of all of his subtle thoughts, sensations, and feelings and he learns to understand himself in accordance with his surroundings without judging himself.

After he learns to understand himself better, he automatically learns to communicate himself more effectively and express his thoughts and feelings to others in a much better way. Holistic healing therapy helps a person become mindful even when he is busy doing other activities or chores.

5. Reiki

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Reiki is Japanese in origin and it means healing through energy. Reiki practitioners hold the belief that stress, psychological pain, or bodily injuries can damage the energy in the body as a result of which energy becomes stagnant at the place of injury and results in further illness. So, the practitioners lay their hand on the patient’s body where there is an injury, and a “universal energy” is passed on from the practitioner’s hand to the body and helps in healing him emotionally as well as physically. The advocates of reiki believe that it helps to reduce small amounts of pain in the body as well as stress.

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