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Navigating Slip And Fall Accidents: Legal Strategies For Protecting Yoursel

According to the National Floor Safety Institute, slip and fall injuries are the most common reason for people to visit the emergency room; when your injury is serious enough, you might want to think about calling the police or arranging for an ambulance to transport you to a hospital where you can obtain prompt medical care. Accidents involving a slip and fall can occur practically everywhere.

In case of an accident, you risk becoming the subject of a claim for personal injury and being held financially responsible for the victim’s damages such as their medical bills plus hospital bills). As a company owner, you are subject to premises liability, which entails maintaining your facility secure and in excellent repair for guests. A reputable firm such as calillaw.com can help you with legal strategies that can protect you and get right compensation. Below are some of the legal strategies to protect yourself:

Acquiring Video Evidence In Slip And Fall Lawsuits Is Critical

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A reputable slip and fall lawyers firm can collect surveillance footage from the accident scene. Utilising site video, you can secure a sizable payment for a client.

You have the right to a presumption at court in which the videotape was helpful to your case and that an unsafe condition was considered to have occurred when a company is given the notice to retain its videotape but fails to do so. As seasoned professionals in the legal field, we cannot stress enough how crucial it is to submit the request for in-store video monitoring in writing.

Demand that any in-store surveillance footage be kept. Following your accident, put it in writing, as soon as possible. Most business video recorders can delete what they’ve recorded in a matter of days or weeks. The footage cannot be duplicated after the accident has been covered.

Refer Your Attorney To All Calls: Make No Recorded Statement

Firms and insurance providers are notorious for the defences they employ when someone is hurt on their premises. Common defences include statements like “It didn’t take place”, “If it did occur, the company didn’t do anything to contribute to the mishap”, “If the company did something to create the accident, it is your culpability because you should have recognized and prevented the risk” and so on.

Businesses, as well as insurance companies, will employ specific strategies to support their claims. Don’t be duped by them. Lastly, avoid making an audio or video statement.

Employees of large companies are instructed on how to defend the company against a claim made by a person hurt on their property by the insurance provider and the business itself. Some of their tactics are to interview you on tape immediately following your accident, while you might still feel the effects of the initial impact and be a little confused.

A Statement Is Required From You

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The insurance provider or firm will contact you as soon as possible after the incident or at the site of it as they will need a written or recorded statement. Whenever you speak with your attorney, they want to find you. Please address any inquiries from the corporation or the insurance provider to your attorneys. The insurance provider will stop calling you once they realise they are working with an experienced lawyer.

Defend Your Legal Rights

Slip and fall victims can additionally defend their legal rights by getting in touch with a slip and fall lawyer for help and counsel. Following an injury, obtaining immediate medical care protects not just one’s health but also one’s legal rights.

A doctor’s diagnosis, suggested course of treatment, and injury prognosis will all be included in a record when a medical professional sees you after your slip and fall event. The medical record might be essential to defending your legal rights in the wake of a slip and fall accident and can support your testimony if you decide to pursue just damages.

Report Your Fall Or Slip Situation

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Before leaving the property, you must notify management or supervisor of your slip and fall accident when it occurred in any business facility. The report documents the slip-and-fall incident and notifies the company of any potential slip-and-fall accident claims you might make to receive compensation for the damages you sustained.

Get Medical Help

Immediately following a slip-and-fall mishap, you should first, get medical help right away. It is crucial to get medical assistance to avoid the unlikely and get immediate first aid. This will help the victim to not fall into a death trap.

Having Calgary First Aid training is beneficial in slip and fall accidents as it enables individuals to provide immediate assistance, such as treating wounds and immobilizing injured body parts, until professional help arrives. Additionally, being knowledgeable in first aid techniques can help prevent further injury and complications, ultimately increasing the chances of a successful recovery.

Take Pictures Of The Accident Scene

Take sufficient pictures of the accident scene as possible, if you can (or if you can, ask someone else to do it). It is crucial because it will create a record of the precise circumstances surrounding the spot where you fell or slipped, such as a damp floor, dim lighting, or any potentially hazardous situation on the premises. Take pictures of your wounds and the attire and footwear you were wearing.

A property owner will frequently try to shift blame to you by claiming that the slip and fall incident was brought on by your wrong shoes. Any photos that demonstrate that the commercial property breached its obligation to ensure visitors are safe on the property can help uphold your legal rights.

Obtain The Contact Details Of The Witness For A Future Interview

Please get the names and contact details of witnesses present when your trip, slip and fall event occurred. These witnesses can be extremely helpful in establishing liability. Lawyers can also support your account of the slip and fall mishap, upholding your legal rights.

Try Getting A No-Cost Legal Evaluation

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One of the actions you should do to safeguard your legal rights when you slip and fall on another person’s property is to contact a professional slip and fall injury attorney. Your medical expenditures, pain and suffering, disability to work again, which results in lost pay, and more accident-related charges could result in significant financial burdens for you.


Slip-and-fall incidents happen frequently. Most of the time, the person only sustains a bruise or other minor wound. Yet, a select few unfortunate people who fall significantly hurt themselves. You can file a claim and discuss payment with the appropriate insurance carrier with the aid of a slip-and-fall lawyer. If required, they will also bring the matter before a judge.

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