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Buy Advanced Cash by Visa and MasterCard card

Advanced Cash is a very popular payment system. The project was only 5 years old in 2019, but thanks to its ambitions and the opportunities provided to users, it has seriously competed with many EPS.

It is worth noting that this is an offshore financial services provider, the main office and main place of registration is Belize, due to which Advanced Cash does not become dependent on states. Complete anonymity, security of information from government agencies, instant transfers within the system, 5 currency wallets with free service at once, the resumption of the issue of AdvCash MasterCard payment cards – all these are significant advantages that have made EPS so in demand. But in order to take advantage of all the possibilities of progressive EPS, you need your wallet to contain the required amount.

AdvCash Security Measures

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Advanced Cash takes the security of its users very seriously. Given the offshore nature of the service, it’s paramount that the platform ensures top-notch protection against potential threats. Users can enable two-factor authentication (2FA) for an added layer of security. This feature requires users to enter a unique code sent to their mobile device or email every time they log in or make significant transactions.

Moreover, the platform uses advanced encryption protocols to safeguard users’ data and financial information. Regular security audits and updates ensure that the system remains impervious to the ever-evolving cyber threats. It’s this dedication to security that has further solidified the trust of its users.

AdvCash replenishment

Advanced users understand perfectly well that an account in any electronic system is simply replenished through online exchangers, and you can see their list, for example, on Bestchange or another monitoring resource. Beginners want to know what opportunities and methods there are, what features they differ in, in order to make their own choice. The most common question is whether this can be done for Credit card and how?

To decide on the appropriate method, we highlight the possible ones:

  • replenishment by bank card;
  • transfers from other payment systems;
  • non-cash payments and cash;
  • replenishment from a mobile phone.

The choice of methods is extensive. There is even the option to use Google Pay and Apple Pay. BUT! Each has its own characteristics and nuances. When deciding which route to take, you need to evaluate two factors: convenience and fees. The fact is that only internal cash transfers in dollars between EPS users are free, and in other cases a certain percentage is charged.

AdvCash Mobile Application

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In today’s fast-paced world, having access to your finances on the go is crucial. Recognizing this need, Advanced Cash offers a user-friendly mobile application available for both Android and iOS devices. The app allows users to manage their wallets, make transactions, and even track their spending habits.

With a sleek design and intuitive interface, even beginners can navigate the app with ease. Push notifications ensure that users are always updated about their account activities. Furthermore, the app also integrates all the features available on the desktop version, ensuring that users don’t miss out on any functionality. Whether you’re on a business trip or vacation, with the AdvCash mobile app, your finances are always just a tap away.

How can you buy Advanced Cash for cash

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Buy Advanced Cash by Visa and MasterCard card is definitely the easiest and fastest way if you use the services of exchangers, and finding them is not difficult, for example, you can go to bestchange and see in the proposed list which ones work in the right direction. Of course, there is a percentage for conversion, but there is no verification, identity confirmation or other inconvenient conditions. You simply transfer money to the account specified by the exchange service, and it transfers cash dollars to your wallet.

A convenient and common way is to top up your own bank card with cash, and then transfer funds from it through your Personal Account on AdvCash. The first commission is more profitable than other partners (1.99% of the total amount). But only verified users can do this, and the name of the owner of the bank card and the Advanced Cash wallet in Credit Card USD must match.

One of the innovations of Advanced Cash, which came into force on September 1, 2019, is a fixed reduced cost for replenishing a wallet from Visa, MasterCard, (but only your own, personal ones) through the gateway. If the transfer is in dollars, then the commission will be 60 dollars. and plus 1.49% of the amount. It is possible to request other documents.

If you want to top up your wallet with cash, in your Personal Account, residents of some cities can look at the contact details of partner services, and then contact them to clarify details about commissions, limits and conditions. Partners include third-party services, terminal owners, and exchange sites. It happens that it is much easier to select profitable and reliable exchangers on bestchange, where you can immediately see under what conditions the exchange is made (you don’t need to call anyone and you don’t need to discuss anything).

Having analyzed even a few basic nuances, you can understand why advanced users use online exchangers more often. But everyone has the right to choose the most convenient one for themselves.


How does Advanced Cash handle currency conversions?


Advanced Cash offers multiple currency wallets, allowing users to hold funds in different currencies. When a user needs to make a transaction involving a currency conversion, AdvCash uses competitive exchange rates to perform the conversion. The platform aims to provide rates that are close to the market average, ensuring that users get a fair deal. It’s always recommended to check the current exchange rate on the platform before making any significant transactions that require currency conversion.

Can I link multiple bank accounts or credit cards to my Advanced Cash account?

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Yes, Advanced Cash allows users to link multiple bank accounts and credit cards to their AdvCash account. This flexibility ensures that users can fund their wallets from various sources. However, it’s essential to ensure that the name on the bank account or credit card matches the name on the AdvCash account. For security reasons, transactions from third-party accounts or cards might be declined. Always review the platform’s guidelines on linking multiple accounts to ensure smooth transactions.


Advanced Cash has emerged as a robust and versatile electronic payment system, offering a myriad of features tailored to meet the diverse needs of its users. From its offshore registration ensuring anonymity and independence to its vast array of funding methods, AdvCash stands out in the crowded e-payment landscape. Whether you’re a seasoned user or a newcomer, understanding the platform’s nuances can help you make the most of its offerings. As with any financial tool, it’s crucial to stay informed, prioritize security, and choose the methods that align best with your financial goals.

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