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Bird Feed™
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Calling all bird watchers!! The Pocket Ranger Bird Feed™ app is the place for you!

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Connect with like-minded adventurers!

  • Register and create a user profile and feed to expose your side of nature.
  • Find and follow new friends.
  • Upload photos/videos of your sightings.
  • Use hashtags or notes to tag and search for species types.
  • Track migration patterns.
  • Leave comments, tips, and give sighting awards to fellow users.
  • Secure your ranking on the leaderboard, where you can track everyone’s progress by earning points for uploading posts, receiving sighting awards, and commenting.
  • Participate in challenges, including photo/video contests, which can win you cool prizes. 
  • Easily share your posts on Facebook and Twitter.

Customize your Bird Feed!

  • Set your profile to public to share your accomplishments with all users, or keep your adventures private in order to share only with approved friends.
  • The Geo-tag option can be turned on or off per post, giving you the option to display your achievements on a GPS map.