What is Pocket Ranger®?

ParksByNature Network, LLC (PBN) developed the brand Pocket Ranger® as the official smartphone outdoor mobile guide for more than half of the state park systems and fish and wildlife agencies across the country. As the nation’s leader in outdoor mobile technology, Pocket Ranger® mobile apps are aimed at enhancing your active lifestyle by making it easier to navigate America’s parks and fish and wildlife areas.

Our apps offers plenty of standard features – advanced GPS mapping, trail tracking and recording, photo waypoints, area maps and information, safety alerts, weather forecasts, and more – all designed to make your outings even more exciting.

All of these great features are made possible thanks to a network of Proud Partners who, like you, realize the value of the being active outdoors. Our Partners facilitate the production and promotion of the apps, while also providing you with outstanding benefits such as redeemable reward points and discount offers. With their support, PBN is able to stay at the cutting edge of mobile app technology to bring you a high quality product.

Additionally, proceeds from our Proud Partners’ contributions along with every one of your downloads help support the maintenance and preservation of these state agencies across the country.

What is GIS?

Official Geographic Information System (GIS) data is supplied by the state agencies and incorporated into most of our apps, creating a more dynamic user experience. This allows users to access in real-time accurate trail data, historic landmarks, and amenity locations, including boat ramps, camping areas, parking, restrooms, beach access points and more. For hunters and anglers, GIS data will give geographic spatial information, making it easy to identify county borders and units that apply to regulations, permits and licenses for species.

How do I use the Pocket Ranger® app?

The apps can be used by anyone, from the novice outdoorsman to the seasoned park-goer. Pocket Ranger® is one of the most user-friendly apps of its kind designed for pre-planning, during and after your visit!

For pre-planning your outing, the new Explore feature optimizes search capabilities, allowing users a 3-in-1 search by GPS location, activities, and site name, making it easier to find the perfect recreational destination.

During your outing the advanced GPS navigation tools and GIS information allow a user to record their accomplishments with or without mobile reception.

After your outing share your experience with others by posting your recorded activities through the app to PRX, Pocket Ranger Trophy Case and popular social networking sites.

Click here to watch the instructional video on how to use Pocket Ranger®.

How much do the Pocket Ranger® apps cost?

Zilch! All Pocket Ranger apps are free.

Which states have Pocket Ranger® apps?

Click here to find availability of our states.

When will an app be available for my state?

Very soon! We at PBN are always expanding our products and services. Check the website for updates.

What type of devices can I use to access Pocket Ranger®?

Pocket Ranger® is compatible with most iPhone and Android devices.

What is a GPS Tour?

If you’re looking for a tour guide you can carry around in your pocket, you’re in luck. GPS Tours are fun, eco-conscious ways to explore state parks and all of the historic sites and wildlife viewing trails in them!

Using your Pocket Ranger® app’s advanced GPS mapping features, GPS Tours are basically scavenger hunts, except the items you’re finding are geolocations, or landmarks. They lead you to some of the park’s most interesting places (like a scenic overlook, a CCC Museum, an amazing waterfall) by providing fun clues and all of the facts you want to know about each geolocation.

If getting to see all of the coolest places in a particular park isn’t enough of a draw, you can also win prizes by participating. That’s because your phone records your points every time you reach a destination. Points can get you awesome prizes that will be sure to enhance your next outdoor adventure!

GPS Tours are perfect for individuals and groups or families, because the tour starts whenever you want it to! Then you can visit all of the geolocations in the tour, complete it, and rack up the points.

But the tour isn’t over when you complete it - by joining a GPS Tour, you can become a part of our community of outdoor enthusiasts! Just head to and comment on the tours that blew your mind, give tips, suggest an idea for a new GPS Tour, and learn more about other players.

Remember, we aren’t just a company that makes outdoor adventure apps - we’re a community of outdoor adventurers. Join a GPS Tour, and get ready to Map it. Discover & Explore!™

How do I play?

To participate in any of the Pocket Ranger eXchange™ GPS Tours, you must first register a username and password. To register, simply click “Log in” on the GPS Tours home screen or select "Start" on any of the tour description pages.

Once logged in, you may begin a GPS Tour by selecting the “Start” button on the description page of your chosen tour. If you decide you no longer want to play, you have the option to "Quit" the tour at any time.

Before starting a GPS Tour, please read the description and rules that apply to it.

To play, you must complete all the geolocations for each tour. As you find each geolocation within a GPS Tour, you'll earn points for that location. These points may be redeemed toward big rewards by ParksByNature Network LLC and our Proud Partners, ranging from real trophies to outdoor gear to retail gift certificates.

You can also engage further on the Pocket Ranger exchange™ website, where you can view the Leaderboard, which shows your status along with the progress of other participants. The more points you earn, the better your score on the Leaderboard. In addition to finding geolocations and completing GPS Tours, you can earn points and increase your ranking by commenting, awarding trophies and posting photos/videos in our Trophy Case® app, and by joining contests.

Why do I have to register?

Registering a username and password gains you access to a number of other community members who share in your interests. Because each GPS Tour completed earns you points, creating an account is needed to keep track of your points and progress.

Do I have to create a profile?

Yes. In order to play and share your adventure with members of the eXchange™ community, you must create a profile. You can choose to tell as much or as little about yourself as you want. But remember, including your favorite hobbies and activities in your profile will help you connect with other members of eXchange™ who have similar interests.

How do I earn points to redeem toward prizes?

Earning points is easy. Search eXchange™ for current GPS Tours near you to get started. Once you find a tour you want to participate in, click to play. There's no limit to the number of GPS Tours you can go on, so participate in as many as you like!

What if a GPS Tour I want to take has already ended?

Don't fret! We're constantly updating our tours and adding cool, new ones, so check back regularly or search through our current GPS Tours to find others that pique your interests.

How will I know if I’ve won?

All winners will be notified via the email address provided upon registration.

I have a cool idea for GPS Tour. How do I share it?

Submitting your own GPS Tour is simple. Fill out the form on THIS page - make sure you fill in all fields - and someone will review it. Once it's approved, we'll post it up on eXchange™ for everyone to play.

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ParksByNature Network (PBN) is committed to providing you with a dynamic visitor experience as you explore America’s treasured state parks and fish and wildlife areas. Created in collaboration with our country’s State Parks and Fish and Wildlife agencies, our innovative Pocket Ranger® apps provide all of the up-to-date information visitors would want, including location overviews, contact information, calendar of events, maps, reservation details, trail descriptions, weather reports, park news, and more. Using cutting-edge GPS smartphone technology, the Pocket Ranger® apps serve as an interactive tour guide using today’s leading mobile devices.


Our goal is to create a product line and social network that will unite likeminded outdoor enthusiasts. The Pocket Ranger® apps allow users to capture and record their experiences through trail-tracking and photo and video sharing, while Pocket Ranger® eXchange provides a virtual gathering place where those achievements can be shared. Our blog is the foremost source to learn the latest about what’s happening outdoors, featuring the adventures of other active users, the freshest tips, hints, and outdoor guides, detailed gear reviews, and even camping recipes to inspire outings. GPS Tours utilize GPS technology to offer an educational, interpretive way to explore the wonders of the state parks and fish and wildlife areas.


These great features are made possible thanks to a network of Proud Partners who realize the value of state parks and fish and wildlife areas. Their support allows us to sustain the Pocket Ranger® program and keeps us at the forefront of mobile technology. Proceeds from our Proud Partners support the maintenance and preservation of the country’s state park and fish and wildlife systems.


We welcome you to our community of active adventurers.