El Malpais National Monument

Size: 114,314 Acres 

Overview: It took over a million years to shape the primeval black basalt terrain of El Maples—a process that continues today! Molten lava traversed the high desert, creating cinder cones, shield volcanos, collapses, trenches, caves, and other formations that are truly bizarre! If this landscape looks unique, it’s because it is; El Malpais National Monument preserves one of the greatest continuous geological records of volcanism on the entire planet! Here at El Malpais National Monument, have a once-in-a-lifetime experience as you enjoy panoramic views of lava flows beneath golden cliffs, stand on the outer edge of a prehistoric cinder cone, travel across a lava bridge the width of a highway overpass, or navigate the lava tube caves!

Fees, permits, and reservations may apply.

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